Neature Grant harrison

Nature on Display

As I walked around the Florida Museum of Natural History I came across this exhibit. It was a zoomed in view of aquatic life. Everything was 12x zoomed in and I could see details and aquatic life I didn't even know existed. And even crazier there were things that were even smaller that were vital to this ecosystem that couldn't be seen even on this scale. I am a fan of the ocean and marine life so this exhibit gave me a new perspective (literally) on the wildlife of the sea. As you walk through the corridor there are plaques describing the vital roles a particular sea creature plays in the ecosystem.

Underwater Microscope

Nature and Ethics

Global warming (and consequently the rising sea levels) is an issue that is a big deal in Florida (especially since we are surrounded by water on three sides). There was an exhibit that showed the possible consequences of rising tides and how it would affect some of Florida's key features. Cities are in danger and so are entire ecosystems. This exhibit didn't offer a suggestion for fixing the problem, it just made it impossible to ignore.

The following picture also emphasizes the affect humans have on native life. We are killing off sea cucumbers for cuisine. Giant sea cucumbers are now endangered because of the greed and hunger of humans. Steps must be taken to conserve these species and protect them.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Standing in front of the jaws of ancient sharks made me feel small. It ignited my imagination and made me think of the power and ferocity of these long-dead, apex predators. It made me take a trip back in time to the primordial seas where the prehistoric beasts roamed the ocean looking for their next meal. It made me feel like a small, I would barely be worth the effort of swallowing for such a large creature. Especially with the size of the jaw of the shark to my left in the picture. This exhibit made me think of the past and put myself there.

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