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Lead From the Back:

Reflections on LBC Covered Bridge Weekend

by Dave Stauffer

LBC Members and Friends:

We all have some stories to tell from the Covered Bridge Ride. This is mine.

Saturday: I heard the swap meet was a hit but II could not attend though I was disappointed at missing out. This great idea originated with Joe Stafford, and while he had to sell others on the event, the meet proved to be the next innovative addition to the LCBC. I ask everyone to consider ideas of your own that might offer a simple change to improve our offering to the riding public.

Unfortunately, the pre-dinner was not well attended; however, the food was plentiful and was also donated by Wegmans. They provided an Italian themed meal of Spaghetti with meat balls, grilled chicken breast, and Caesar salad. We offered a cash bar of beer and wine, and Kreider Farms provided ice cream for dessert. The dinner afforded a great opportunity to visit with some of our guests. I sat with four riders from the State College area and two others from Long Island. These riders came to the area on Saturday and also supported our local economy with a hotel stay. Our conversation covered the topics of their club make ups and riding styles, club liability insurance, waivers, leaders, pace issues, e-bikes, non-profit status registration, naming issues, and other fun stuff. I learned that State College cycling club is a new club with a mix of community residents and college students; the Long Island club leaders enforce a group ride format where the ride leader is truly the leader.

Sunday: I led the SAG team which is responsible for supporting all cyclists who need assistance during the ride. My preparation began a couple months in advance by recruiting our team through the volunteer sign-up, reviewing the notes from last year and preparing the materials needed. Vans were picked up by some of our team on Friday evening, though we set out at 5 a.m. on Sunday. We set up our work area and had our first call at 7:45 am. Then we had a slow period, but the action picked up quickly as the temperature rose. By 10 a.m. we knew we were in for a long day as riders started calling in to abandon the ride because of the increasing heat and humidity. By noon our shuttle and SAGs were not able to keep up, so we had to apologize to a few participants for delays in our eventual pick-ups.

A few ambulance calls were made primarily to respond to riders suffering from heat exhaustion. One call attended to a bee sting allergic reaction, and one cyclist did need immediate help because of a heart issue which was later reported as a heart attack, but the person was stabilized safely at the hospital.

The SAG team was definitely sagging by the end of the day, but all staff did a great job, and we learned what to improve for next year.

Overall, our guests gave us great feedback on our weekend events, and they appreciate the work we do and understand the overload caused by the weather and the challenge of covering this large of a territory. The last cyclist I picked up on Sunday shared that he comes from Philly area each year and loves the ride but needed the help due to the heat. We got back to HACC after 6pm.

Thank you to all the excellent committee chairs and all your volunteer time.

Let’s do it again next year.

See you on the road or at the picnic

Volunteers and Riders Prepare for a Day of Rides

All photos courtesy of Lucie Ewers

Comradery and Compassion Highlight Covered Bridge Ride

by Leslie Arnold

Ice cream Lovers Cool Down on August Ride

Club members and weekend guests for the LCBC enjoyed tastes and tours of sections of Lancaster County while participating in the All-Class ice cream ride , which occurred the day prior to major cycling event.

Volunteers Rewarded With Pig Roast

To recognize the efforts of all volunteers who assisted during the 2019 LCBC, a pig roast was hosted by Cricket and Will Stone, chairman of the covered bridge rides. Both club members and community volunteers attended the catered lunch.

All photos courtesy of Lucie Ewers

SAFETY SPOT: Ride Free from Audio Distraction

by John Mullineaux, Safety Director

Workers Ride Keeps Pace with Tradition AND Cowboys and Horses

Photos courtesy of Charlie Brant

Cyclists Flock to Farmersville Rest Stop

Riders en route for the LCBC metric century ride make a first stop at Farmersville, with this year's stop managed by member Jeff Waybright, He was assisted by club members and couple of community volunteers.

RIDES FROM the PAST by Robert Colton


Please welcome our newest members to the Lancaster Bike Club: Kyle Awkerman, Ed Bartakovits, Tobias Conseur, Christopher Geltmacher, Todd Harrington, C Stanley Horine, Tom Hunt, Mark Kelly, Matthew Knepper, Kenny McCardell, Fara Tahmasbi, Chris Maley, Karen Peckham, Sara Poston

LBC Takes a Stand at Lancaster Barnstormers Game

To promote membership benefits and attract new members, LBC hosted a stand at an August baseball game in Clipper Stadium, home of the Lancaster Barnstormers. Several club members volunteered to meet guests who stopped by to learn more details about our club. The photos below share scenes of the event.

Membership Application

Ride Schedule for September 2019


Charlie Brant Lucie Ewers

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