Costa Rica By Allison Humphreys

The capital of Costa Rica is San Jose'. The population of Costa Rica is 4,857,218 people. The languages are mostly Spanish and a little English. They have mostly Sierra Madre mountains. The land is split into individual ranges and valleys due to volcanic eruptions. They have many crops including bananas, pineapple, coffee, rice, and sugar. There industries include agriculture and tourism. Some interesting animals that live there are Strawberry Poison Dart Frogs, Ocelots, and White Headed Capuchin Monkeys. Some plants are Violet Flowers and White Orchid's. Costa Ricans are mostly mestizos, whites, and castizos. Some holidays they celebrate are New Years which is celebrated January 1st, Mother's day which is celebrated August 15th, Labor Day which is celebrated May 1st, and Patron Saint Day which is celebrated August 2nd. Most of Costa Ricans are Roman Catholics. Others are not practicing or belong to other religions. There food is a combination of Spanish, South American, Caribbean, and American. Most of their music comes from the North of the country. Costa Rican money is called colon. Colon is named after Christopher Columbus. 500-550 colons is worth one U.S. dollar. I hoped you enjoyed learning about Costa Rica.

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