EDIM 510 - Google Photo Timeline

I enjoyed using Google Photos to create a timeline. The website for the timelines did not seem to work correctly so I found my own to use. I could see my students using this to demonstrate their understanding of a process or even sharing a fun event's details. They could even use this as a presentation tool without having to use a slideshow. Students could also share the album and each add their own photos collaboratively. This process was not the easiest for a few reasons. My school district does not allow access to Google Photos. I do most of my work on school issued devices. All of my home devices decided to stop working on different levels. Luckily my neighbor let me borrow his laptop.

Bottom line, I need to have my school district stop restricting so many of the tools I have been using throughout my courses in digital media! These are the tools of the future and restricting the use cannot help prepare my students for the digital world they already live in.

Here is a link to my 1990's Technology Timeline- https://goo.gl/photos/zemYhgyZmvbTAT5u5

Here is my Canva Image I created!


Created with images by sevgi001453d - "time scholarship"

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