A Day In The Life Woke up, fell out of bed, used technology to brush my head.

Technology can be defined, simply, as a tool or instrument through which we satisfy our humanly needs. It can be something as basic as a seed to as complex as a satellite, but this does not imply that technology needs to be an electronic. Any helpful object we touch in a day is a piece of technology.

But how does technology ACTUALLY relate to MY everyday life?
Well, one of the first things that I do in the morning is use my microwave to heat a cup of water for my tea. It helps me easily and efficiently warm the water and have that cup of caffeine to wake me up in the morning.

After drinking my cup of tea, I get dressed and put on my shoes. They may not seem like a piece of technology, but they hold a helpful purpose: they protect my feet from debris and add support for my posture.

After I've gotten ready in the morning, I drive to school. This car is a type of technology not only because of its engine and moving parts but because it helps me travel from one location to another.

When I arrive at school, I use my time to study or even finish some homework. A lot of the homework I do in the morning is math because I get to discuss the answers with my classmates, but even without my friends, I need a calculator to help me solve difficult problems.

ON a daily basis, I use a computer to complete my homework, watch videos, and surf the internet. A computer is a common piece of technology, but how does it help me? Well, as i previously said, it helps me with my schoolwork and to take online classes, just like this one!

The last class of the day for me is band. I play the French Horn in my symphonic band, and this instrument is what creates the music that I read on a page. It's technological job is to produce that sound. Without the horn, and many instruments alike, music wouldn't be possible.

And finally, even my body is a piece of technology! It works to supply me with a life and bodily functions that help me to survive. Feenberg wrote in a reading once, "We are our own machines."
That's all the technology in my Daily life. What's in yours?

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