The Harn

I went and explored the Harn art museum to delve into the majesty that it is. I discovered some very interest paintings and sculptures that engaged me into thinking about the deeper emotions as well as connections that this art work is making with me.

Medium of the Art

Medium of the Art: This painting is called Tokyo Street with Pachinko Parlor II made by Yvonne Jacquette. At first glance or looking at this painting just from a picture you may miss many of the aspects of this painting that stood out to me and called me to it. It vivid colors as well as its busy scene made me appreciate it so much more in person than I would have ever been able to just looking at a picture. The painting is an Oil on Canvas painting which really makes the way the colors as well as the figures in the piece of art come together to create something truly magnificent. It communicated to me the happenings of everyday life and how busy we as human beings are, with a crowded street with so much going on it just seemed like my life at that moment. It made me feel very introspectively, I thought about my own life and what it might mean for me to think or do in that moment.

Design of the Museum

Design of the Museum: Although this is just one section of the Harn Museum it definitely made me think of the design of the museum. This is part of the Asian Wing of the Harn and it was just absolutely my favorite design in general, the small garden has a small walkway that goes straight through the garden with a tiny bridge in the middle that just makes me happy to be there. Not only was the garden incredible but the entire Asian Wing had incredible features that easily made it my favorite part of the Harn, the giant glass window brought in so much natural light. The exhibit honestly made me feel much more in contact with how the artists and sculptors of the actual art felt. It made me feel like I was in their own shoes as they were creating the art.

Art and Core Values

Art and Core Values: It took me so long to not only find the description of what this piece of art is but what it was suppose to mean. This is a water spirit headdress that was used by the people in a small African village to be thankful for the rain that they got. This resinates deeply with me for the idea of being thankful for everything you have especially the things many people take for granted like rain or water. The artwork instilled happiness in me because it made me so how happy the villagers of the village were to wear this headdress as well as being thankful for their lives. This helps me cherish what I have in my own life and how significant it is by comparing it to the most bare minimum substance.

Art and the Good Life

Art and the Good Life: This is a photograph called Three girls holding hands, Sertão da Paraiba, Brazil by Sebastião Salgado. This art work really provoked me to consider the human condition as well as the aspect of how other people less fortunate than me live their lives. The Good Life is really shown here as a method of unity between these girls and the friendship that they have. It is significant to mention that these are more impoverished girls and it is very important to see how they are together even though they may be living hard lives. This photograph adds to my appreciation of unity among other people around the world because of how impactful it is to have close friends that you cherish going through life.

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