IRP #8 By: Logan Bittner

The Rule of Three is about Adam, a normal high schooler who almost has his pilots licence.

All three books in the series

But one day when the power went out it never came back on. All the computers and electricity are now useless. Even cars don't work; unless they are antiques with no computers.

The 1800s

Adam and the rest of the neighborhood unite as one, making walls, and forming jobs. The community is in danger from gangs, and other groups of people.

This is an Ultralight, one of the two planes Adam flies

This is a Cessna, the other plane that Adam flies

The Eden Mills neighborhood is under heavy threat from another group; ex military. These ex military have RPGs, lots of guns, and lots more weapons. After this organization destroyed one of their allies, Eden Mills has to do everything they can to defend against these crazy people.


Adam: Adam is a smart boy who has a good sense of humor. Adam's dad is a piolt, which is who Adam admires and wants to be like.

Herb: Herb is an ex military man who served many years for the army. Herb is very knolegable in what to do in situations like the one they are in right now. Herb has a secret stash of deadly weapons and other supplies that no one knows about.

Adam's Mother: Adams Mother is a police officer, but when the blackout hits, she becomes the unofficial leader of the Eden Mills neighborhood.


The first big conflict is how are that going to survive? Adam has the idea of uniting their entire neighborhood of Eden Mills. At first, his mother and Herb are against the idea, as they don't know how to feed the whole neighborhood. Adam then comes up with another idea to move his friend Lori and her family to their neighborhood because they were farmers. They transform the backyards into farms for crops, and even build green houses.

The next big conflict is defending their neighborhood against outside organizations. The big threat is against a group of ex military men who are ruthless and are trying to kill all other organizations besides themselves.


The resolution to being attacked is defending them. Adam and Herb see the group in a bunch of trucks coming toward their neighborhood. There plan is to blow up a bridge when the tucks go over it. The trucks got to the bridge, and when they went over it, some scout teams of Adam's neighborhood blew up the bridge.

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