Samantha Testa + Painted Palettes Urban Jungle Partnership Profiles

Meet Samantha Testa The Incredibly Steady Hand Behind Painted Palettes

How would you sum up the work that you do and what project are you currently most excited about?

My work is playful, colorful, and customized. I teach watercolor and hand lettering classes around the DMV, create DC-inspired paper goods, make signage for businesses, craft original pieces of art for clients, and everything in between.

I’m most excited about my personal project for the year, the DMV Doors Project (#dmvdoorsproject), which is an illustrated compilation of my favorite door in several DMV neighborhoods. One door will be (and has been) released every week so that by the end of the year, I will have 52 beautiful DMV doors to represent our incredible city.

What is your favorite part about working with local businesses like Urban Jungle?

Meeting new people! I love getting to know the makers in DC who are so passionately devoted to their craft. Our city is a thriving, cultural powerhouse and each maker provides a snippet of what makes this city so vibrant. For instance, I die for Urban Jungle’s orchids!

What is your favorite place to work in DC outside of your studio or office?

Any and all coffee shops with nice people, good music, and cocktails when the time is right.

If we looked through all your social media posts ever what would we uncover as your one guilty pleasure?

Red wine. AND, of course, that I love puns and stupid jokes. Drunk nerd alert.

Describe Cody and his team at Urban Jungle in 3 words?

Passionate purveyors (of) plants! No, but really...They are a team of generous and enthusiastic entrepreneurs, they’ve been lovely to work with!

Don't Forget to see each week's new addition to samantha's impressive door collection by following @painted_palettes on Instagram or check out her items on Etsy

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