BSU Ducks Unlimited Brings the MeatEaters to Campus Outdoor enthusiasts packed Bemidji State University's Beaux Arts Ballroom and Bemidji’s Hampton Inn on Feb. 28-29 as Steven Rinella and Ryan “Cal” Callaghan of the “MeatEater” Netflix show and podcast attended events hosted by the BSU chapter of Ducks Unlimited.

Rinella is the host of the “MeatEater” Netflix series and podcast and is the author of six books dealing with wildlife, hunting, fishing and wild game cooking. Callaghan serves as director of conservation and is a frequent contributor on the "MeatEater" show.

Over 500 attendees attended the “MeatEater with Ducks Unlimited Live” on Feb. 28, where Rinella and Callaghan took the stage for an interactive panel-style discussion. Topics included hunting, fishing, conservation and environmental stewardship. The panel was moderated by Scott Anderson, Ducks Unlimited regional director and two audience members were also chosen at random to play outdoor trivia with Rinella and Callaghan during the event for prizes.

The following day, Callaghan volunteered at the chapter’s annual Sportsman’s Night Out banquet at the Hampton Inn on Lake Bemidji’s waterfront. He spent the afternoon taking photos with attendees, signing autographs and helping run a fundraising game.

As of 2019, Ducks Unlimited has conserved and restored over 233,000 acres of wetland and grassland habitat in Minnesota. All proceeds collected at the Feb. 28-29 events supported Ducks Unlimited’s habitat conservation mission.

Founded in 1989, Bemidji State University’s Ducks Unlimited chapter is the oldest university chapter in the nation. The student-run organization has approximately 30 members and coordinates fundraising events each year to conserve, restore and manage wetland and grassland habitats. The chapter is currently ranked tenth of 130 university Ducks Unlimited chapters in the U.S. in terms of dollars raised for the organization.

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Eric Sorenson, BSU Ducks Unlimited adviser