MVP's of India By: patrick Wu

For my topic, I researched the issue of animal rights. During my research, many more questions were produced , do some people value their religion over their own family members, and if they do, how come they sometimes abuse the very creature they are beholden to?

In India, there are some regions were bull-fighting is a "game" that is played to earn prizes from others. As you you in this picture, the man is grabbing the hump on the bull's back, and forcing it down. If you try this at home (DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME), you will find that your back will be in immense pain, and your neck will be strained due t the weird angle your body is in. For losing a match, the bull may receive additional punishment back home. When preparing fro such an event, people often chase their bulls into rivers to see how strong they are.

This makes it all the more necessary for the rest of the world to understand what’s going on why. Because very similar things are happening in the U.S as well, the mistreatment of animals has been case for the birth of many animals rights movements and organizations. From knowing how a situation is escalating, can from another part of the world is huge, because we can study why these things happen in other countries, to be able to help ourselves combat this issue.

By learning from the mistakes of others, we can better ourselves. Hinduism and Buddhism being two main forces of religion in India, are the key to finding out the solutions to many problems, as to what they are doing and why, from understanding their religion, we can understand their ultimate goals in life and how they plan on going about that path.

I wanted to know how well animals were treated in India, and how fair to humans and animals those rights were. In my findings, I found some really shocking things, sometimes the treatment of animals was like walking through hell, but others, were idolized and worshiped. It was extremely confusing and frustrating at the least. In certain parts of India, a “cultural event” leads to the death of humans, and mistreatment of bulls, in other parts, it is illegal to kill a cow no matter how useless of a state it is in, or how in need a family is in need of it.


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