Poem Oscar garcia


I see you a lot

I see you bring good things to people

I see you teaching people lessons of decision

I see you for to long sometimes, makes my angry with you

I see you for a short time

I see you creating time and space for people

I see you bringing good things to people who know

I see you in growing children, in grown adults

I see you in my head, guiding me on what to do

I see you in the growing feeling of happiness and suspense

I see you when the moon waits for the sun to come down

I see you in me, waiting for the right time

I see you changing people

I see you teasing people

I see what you are finally going to tell me.. patience


You looked like you were a respectful kid

And right now, your the most repectful person I know

You looked very happy standing there on the rock

Realizing how life was happy

And how you would not be able to replace that moment

You, standing there with mom

Brings joy to me showing me you two were very happy

I go to that beach today

And I imagine seeing your faces

Hoping that you guys could have that moment again

Both of you had a dream of being together for ever

And so far, your dreams have come true

You’re parents took that photo

They were the happiest people on earth knowing that

There son is livin’ it


We are meassured the way we want to

Others loses our hope and can destroy our mentality

The way you look shows how unique you are and

How no one can be exactly like you

Other people meassure you on how you socialize

If you don't talk much,

They think of you as that one person who looks out the window

Wondering about why you think people think of you

The way you dress is up to you

But people will meassure you on that to

Because thats what people do

They like to meassure other people

Acting as if they are better meassured then you

Being measured is good sometimes,

But sometimes its used for attention

Which can hurt.

Social Issues

While you are growing up

You are making you

But at one point, you decide to destroy who you made

By the people around you

Other people can preassure you into doing things

That does not represent you

And when you do it, you fall into this abyss of thinking that

If you dont do what they want, you feel like and outsider

And the person you made of yourself seems foolish

Its all a cycle

People will see you differently if you do what you like

They will also see you differently for doing something you dont like

Everytime you let others make you into something different,

You are getting farther away from grabbing your old self

Just be you.


Created with images by PIRO4D - "feng shui zen stones" • mahinui - "beach" • ElisaRiva - "head brain thoughts" • blondinrikard - "Happy"

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