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Good things come to those who wait

... but I didn't wait, in this course I really worked a lot:-)

This course was a special challenge because it required me to think about how I want to promote myself as an IT-teacher and think about my personal brand. The result is the base of a resume and a new logo which I like and will use in future.

The most time-consuming assignments was in class 4 the ePortfolio - this is one thing I have to update as soon as possible. (Meanwhile I have some ideas and will create some examples which could work in a portfolio very well.)

As an IT-teacher in further education I work with inhomogeneous groups: employees, workless, students ...participants with basic IT-knowledge or advanced user. I'm sure, most of them will like the bonus program about creating a modern résumé and portfolio. To get the best result I'll plan a handout with some examples and tips.

Last but not least I wanna say "Thank you so much" to the tutors and their live class guests. The EdEx-courses are so great and meanwhile I'm one of your regulars;-)

To use Adobe Spark Video as a feedback tool is a new experience for me. The software is easy to use, but creating a video is more time-consuming and more complex than giving your feedback "face-2-face". In my trainings (further education) I work with participants who often aren't familiar with feedbacks at all. Will see whether videos are a practical tool and in my next courses I will employ them.

Assignment of class 4 was very time-consuming just as valuable. I wanted to realize my own portfolio and startet with the structure. A long time I thought about the navigation and at last I designed some icons which you find in PROJECTS (the "heart" of my portfolio).

When I startet working with portfolio I had a lot of troubles (I was getting a script error and couldn't upload anything). I didn't work with Portfolio before and thought this was my fault (after trying on another PC). I changed the layout, the structure (twice), the content, deleted the portfolio and started new -> it was so demotivating... After a well-deserved rest - and some researches in Google I noticed that the problem was Mozilla Firefox. I changed to Chrome and from then on everything went swimmingly).

Conclusio: Portfolio is easy to use (when it works;-) and a valuable tool for presentation of your work. Start early with your ePortfolio and keep it up to date.

Class 3 -> Logo and mock up headers

The base of the logo are my initials which are included in my present logo. I use these initials as a signature and therefore I wanted to incorporate them. I seperated the two letters - the C is a bit like an on-button and the B reminds me of a computer-mouse.

Here are some examples - you see, I'm playing with the letters and colors.

I've chosen the blue screen because I think it fits to me as an IT-teacher and technical writer and added my name and profession - for this I've used the font Champagne & Limousines.

I also created a header for Twitter and Facebook. Here are the screenshots:


To create a logo is an intensive and complex process. In my webdesign-course I will ask my students to think about a logo before they start with their homepage. They shall discuss about their ideas and how to implement it for web and print.

Class 2 -> Creating Killer Résumé

I liked this assignment very much because I wanted to create a résumé which I can use as a self-employed IT-trainer and technical writer. I'm no designer and focused on keep it clear and "easy to read". I also decided to use another headshot which better match to the statement

My credo is CHIN.

The Live Class helped me to understand the difference between CV and résumé and made me thinking about rules and expectations.

For my own I need more practice with Behance and Adobe Portfolio ... Behance is a great platform and I will invite my students to discover it.

See my résumé also on Behance.

Class 1 -> Headshot

I'm on the way... In the meantime I worked on getting a headshot from myself. My sister helped me and we took several shots. I think that this was the most difficult part but at last I had a good choice.

Good to know before starting

Why did it take so long? The right picture should represent my personality as an IT-teacher. I hope you see, that I like my job.

I have some experience in Photoshop and used the Camera Raw filter, the Patch Tool, the Healing Brush Tool and the Crop Tool. I didn't eliminate all wrinkles, but I used the Blur Tool. Here is the result.

  • What are the key takeaways from this lesson? Take your time!
  • What impact will this activity have on your learners? The right picture represents your personality as you wanted. Keep it real, use Photoshop with measured.
  • How would you teach this to your learners? We start with selfies and talk about the result (meaning, quality and what people think about this kind of picture). Next I ask the learners to write down how they want to be noticed by a viewer and to discuss this with their neighbors. Now we take the headshots and finalize the unit with Photoshop.

First week -> Introduction

This first week already started with lot of new information and it was very interesting to explore Behance. (Would like to be as creative and talented as most of the artists there! But I'm working on it;-)

I like creating videos (since the last EdEx courses) and hope you'll understand my Austrian English well:-)

(Please use my password: dino1992)

What means personal brand to me? I think, it is the result of who I am, what I do, how I act and how I'm be noticed by other people.

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