Jim Crow By: Ry Fitzmaurice

The Culture

In the Jim Crow era there was lynchings that caused many blacks to die and unfair to them because they were convicted of crimes they didn't commit. With people doing these lynchings caused towns to struggle since they have less people to work for bigger companies who needed workers. So, there was Jim Crow which put down blacks because it showed that they were less important than everyone else.

During the Jim Crow era there was the Ku Klux Klan who were an anti-black and very racist towards any race organization. This organization is still around today, but they don't kill people like they did first around. They were white supremacists and wanted to get rid of every other race in America. They did this through assassinations, bombings, kidnappings, killings and many other ways to get rid of someone. They have been a major threat to society and are still around today but aren't as bad. With all of these activities they scared blacks and made other white supremacist happy. 

This photo of two black men getting lynched this was a popular site in the south when slaves got freed. During this time whenever a white person thought that a black person did something wrong they would go to jail, but then it would most likely go to the jail and break out the black that was in there to kill him. This was very corrupt and caused many innocent black people to die without a trial and cause protest and riots for what happened to these blacks. And there was thousands of blacks who were killed in this manner even though they didn't do anything wrong.

During the Jim Crow era there was cartoons and plays that emerged that all showed that blacks where more lazy, more clumsy and many other ways worse than white. Above you can watch one of these short cartoons that came out that takes all the stereotypes and puts them in to one short clip. Whites would watch this a laugh and even children would join in on the "fun." These clips and photos like this would be everywhere to tell blacks even though you are free we still control you in a way. 

The Economic Side

Once slaves were freed and could get their own job where they got paid. A major wage gap in between how blacks worked and how white worked. A white would have to work less to make the same amount of money a black would have to work all day for, so that he could keep his family fed and alive.

This chart shows the discrimination that all the different races faced when applying for a job. Soon, the government crackdown on this and found out what groups were discriminating against the different races. As you can see businesses where the major part of this discrimination action. They were the group that said to these people that they couldn't work there because of the race, religion, national origin, or they were an alien. The pie chart shows the reasoning that they said you couldn't join there. For the majority it was just because of their skin color which they couldn't choose but then there was sometimes the religion or their national origin.
This chart shows the unemployment rate for blacks and whites through towns of the south. You can see blacks and many other races got discriminated against and weren't hired as much as white. This caused wealth gaps and it made the other races angry because they didn't have jobs because they were a certain skin color. Also, since they didn't get paid they were always looking for jobs and their family had to work at young ages. It make it hard for them to get education because they would have to pay the teachers and school and they couldn't do that with the money they had. Which made it harder for their kids to find jobs because they didn't have an education to back them up when applying for a job.
This was in a newspaper and it showed the different wages for the same job in multiple different states. The job pays differently for a white being the principal and a black being the principal. This was major problem because blacks didn't get paid as much and it caused him to not have as much money to afford what they needed to keep their family alive. Also, it segregated blacks from whites and made a wealth gap in the states because blacks got paid less and white which made them have less money in overtime they created a bigger and bigger gap.

The Political Side

This is the 15th Amendment that is also called the Black Voting Rights Act that allowed all blacks to vote after people made Grandfather laws and other laws to prevent blacks from voting. The Grandfather Law said that if you are a black you can only vote if your grandfather could vote which most blacks grandfathers couldn't because they were slaves and slaves couldn't vote. Also, people would rig the elections by putting in fake vote for the white officials to get voted in and not the black candidates.

This sign shows one of the ways that people were separated they had to go to different bathrooms because they were different races. There's also many other examples like this where blacks wanting to one side of the restaurant and white one into the other. Most likely the blacks would get worse service on their side of the restaurant and it might cost more just because they were black. Next there was also water fountains like this where blacks could only go to one and white can only go to the other and there might be more white water fountains and black water fountains.

The site above shows some of the laws that Jim Crow era came up with. Laws were designed to put back blacks and make it harder for them to succeed in the society that there was at the time. Whites did this to prevent blacks from doing many things that would try to make them better and allow them to help out society. But whites didn't want blacks to not just succeed but to leave their town because they were originally white town. Next, the laws were aimed to get rid of everything blacks had done to try and be equals like being at the same school because lights didn't want blacks to be getting the same education and has their sons and daughters and there is even laws from having barbers do certain races hairs because blacks were allowed to touch white woman

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