Pitch For Your Project Case study #6

Go Go Disco

When our judging panel received the application from Sandi, a resident from Abergavenny, it was an instant hit. Here we were seeing something that targeted a somewhat isolated community. Its aim was to tackle loneliness, provide meaningful activity for residents over 50 years of age and create a space for people to relive memories and form new friendships. This would be in the form of weekly afternoon discos.

We asked Sandi where the idea came from and she explained

“We have noticed that older people remember the words and music of the pop songs of their youth and we have also seen the enjoyment which singing, and dancing can bring. From our own experience, we know that dancing makes us feel happy and well, and for the DJ there is enjoyment gained from making others happy. Dancing and music can provide an outlet for anyone, and be a non-threatening activity for people who may otherwise feel socially awkward and excluded.”

The panel felt that there would be multiple benefits that this value for money project could provide to Monmouthshire Housing tenants and other members of the community. These include: reducing social isolation, providing connections with neighbours and improving their health and wellbeing by engaging in an activity that is targeted directly at the over 50s. It is well documented that physical activity improves muscles, joints, circulation, co-ordination and balance, and it is proven to stimulate levels of the ‘feel good’ hormones, oxytocin and endorphins. Singing together can aid memory through recalling songs and words, and shared experiences through having a regular social activity to look forward to lifts the mood and helps combat feelings of being alone.

The discos will be informal and will play music from the fifties through to the eighties. But all requests will be considered and they are keen for the community to become involved so let us know if you have any extra ideas for the discos and Go Go Disco will be sure to explore them. You don’t have to dance, you can also just come along for the memories and refreshments.

Helena a panel member at shortlisting had this to say about the group:

Being in the age bracket that this group was trying to appeal to, I immediately saw the benefits for this. The inclusion of all through music and dance, to exercise in a class or a gym is a chore for me but I would attend something like this as there is no pressure it is about enjoying the music dancing if you want (which helps with exercise). Meeting new people it is not something that you have to go to with friends, you can go and make new friends what a lovely environment to do this in. I can see how this would generate interest and give the individuals something to look forward to, the music the memories to share and new and old friends to share with.

Here at Monmouthshire Housing and all involved at Go Go Disco we hope that this has given some of our community members something to look forward to in the hopefully not so distant future. Why not use this time at home to dust off your dancing shoes and put on some of your favourite music to get you in the mood for an afternoon dance. And remember, you don’t have to dance you can just come and enjoy the music and company.

Quote from Sandi at Go Go Disco

Thank you to MHA for providing us with the funds to benefit project to purchase music equipment, advertising throughout Abergavenny area. We are a small group organising this event, which is, we believe a new activity. We believe in the value of 'pop' music to lift the spirits and to provide exercise. We like dancing to the music of the 60's/70's/80's and we are convinced that there are many other people who equally enjoy it... and want to have fun!

As soon as it is safe to do so, Go Go Disco will be waiting for you. We will advertise on social media and venues when a date for opening is set.

If you don’t want to miss out and you are from the Abergavenny area then get in touch with Clare Evans by emailing clare.evans@monmouthshirehousing.co.uk or call 01495 745749. Clare will take your contact details and ensure that you are aware of the opening week in advance