Family Practitioner By: Dylan Quijano

  • unlike other physician who specializes¬†in a specific field of medicine, family practitioners are trained to care for the whole body, no matter the age or sex of a person. on top of treating acute and chronic illnesses, they also provide routine health screenings and counseling on lifestyle changes before a illness develops with the effort to stop it before hand. family doctors will also recommend/send a patient to a specialist if the problem is beginning to stray away from their knowledge on that particular subject. the main focus for these doctors is to be there for the patient in order to guide them through all health aspects of life.
  • in order to obtain the job of being a family practitioner, one must go through years of schooling and residency.first a person must complete a full 4 years of college obtaining their bachelor's degree while having a specific GPA and other extra curricular work under their belt. next step is entering and completing medical school, which is another 4 year program, to have the doctor title. immediately after residency begins which is roughly 3 years. once completed the student is now officially a family practitioner.
  • one of the more popular ways of advancement through the medicine world for a family doctor is to open up his or her own practice. Having the ability to be their own boss and run the operation of things is the next step of growing themselves has family doctors.
  • This job comes with a pretty nice size pay with good benefits. The average salary, based in Texas, is approximately $207,000, although that number will range in different parts of america. The benefits begin with medical insurance, prescription and vision coverage, disability insurance, group-term life insurance, retirement plans, paid vacations or sick leaves.
  • People wanting a career in this field must be great with people of all ages, this means caring to the young ones as well as the elderly. They must have sympathy and truly feel for there patients. On top of that the doctor must also have great patients when it comes to dealing with kids and their parents. They basically need to be a versatile peoples person in order to flourish in this job.
  • Questions
  • 1. How much on average does a family Doctor make?
  • 2. How many Years of schooling and training must you complete to be a a family physician.
  • 3. what is the primary job of a family doctor?
  • 4. what age group do they attend to?
  • 5. what is 2 of benefits they receive?

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