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  • Established in January 1992, Southside's core focus is on chronically ill patients seeking specialized healthcare.
  • The company has enhanced all out-patient services bringing many changes to our ancillary care.
  • Southside is a well established brand within the Greater Houston Market and is now aggressively focused on expansion across Texas as well as the United States.
Compared to other pharmacies and healthcare solution providers, Southside has built a superior reputation in the industry, providing high quality services to patients, providers & payers.


“To be the provider of choice for our patients & healthcare provider partners”


“Our mission is to exceed our customer's expectations by providing the latest, innovative, most cost effective healthcare services and products possible.”

Infusion Business Model

Full Service Infusion Management

  • Buildout – Decoration – Stock Infusion Suite
  • Customize Order Forms
  • Handle All Pre-Authorizations
  • Schedule Patients
  • Coordinate Staffing (Hire/Train)
  • Manage Billing/ Collections

Anaphylaxis Protocol

Infusion Nurses Note

Buildout Considerations

  1. Identify a Space, the number of chairs will be dependent on square footage and room space.
  2. Sink required nearby to wash hands and for sanitation.
  3. Counter space to mix and/or prepare medications.
  4. Refrigeration is needed to store medication. If beverages are offered separate refrigeration aside from medication will be required.
  5. Storage in the form of cabinets or carts to hold supplies.
  6. Infusion Chairs
  7. Anaphylaxis Kit, oxygen supplies will be included.
  8. Supplies such as I.V. Catheters, Tubing, Filters, Injection Caps, PIV Start Kits, Saline Syringes, Bandaids and Saline Bags.

Customized Order Forms

We customize your order forms to reflect what you commonly order. Order forms will include pre-medications if applicable, anaphylaxis reaction standing order, your name, address, DEA number, phone and fax.

These forms can be in paper/ pad form, pdf or fillable.

Sample Customized Order Form


Billing and Collections

  • Notes are submitted to corporate.
  • Billing department creates claim and submits to insurance.
  • MD receives payment and EOB.
  • MD Office sends EOB to Southside corporate offices.
  • SSI Invoices MD monthly
  • Payment due upon receipt or we can arrange a sweep of account monthly as agreed.

Sample Invoice

Our Business Model

Southside Healthcare Solutions Corporate Headquarters


XYZ owned pharmacy

* DPS License will discontinue from August 31, 2016


Refer all prescription business and we reduce our Operational Charges For Infusion Model

  • Can utilize space for other services
  • Better profit margin
  • Access to SS network
  • Southside Service – Local w/free delivery
  • Turnaround time within one week


We lease space and operate a retail pharmacy out of building

  • Income from rental space
  • Lower operations charges
  • Avoid high payroll
  • Service patients with free delivery
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Improved patient compliance

Patient Services

At Southside every patient is treated with the highest level of commitment and priority. Our focus is to make complex treatments available to patient at affordable cost at their doorstep.



  • Easy and fast enrollment
  • Acknowledgement call
  • Benefits verification (Pharmacy & Major medical)
  • Authorization services

Financial Support

  • Co payment assistance through drug manufacturers
  • Co payment assistance through Non profit foundation
  • Indigent programs for uninsured patients
  • Competitive self pay pricing
  • Flexible payment plans
  • FSA payments
  • Major medical billing


  • All the services are delivered to patients house (or Physician’s office) at no extra cost.
  • Following delivery methods are used based on patient’s location & preference.
  1. Complimentary local delivery
  2. Complimentary overnight shipping (FedEx, UPS)
  3. Complimentary US postal service mail

Complimentary Local Delivery

  • Unique delivery system designed for pharmacy patients
  • Online real time prescription tracking
  • Personalized delivery from friendly staff
  • Wide delivery coverage area.
  • Stat deliveries
  • Hospital bedside deliveries
  • Medical equipment drop off and pick up
  • 24×7 on call driver
  • Weekend deliveries
  • Cash on delivery option on co payments


Patient adherence is one of the integral part of Southside’s business model.

  • Patient counseling by pharmacists
  • MTM Program
  • Refill reminder
  • Delivery confirmation courtesy call
  • Complimentary self injection training when applicable
  • Lab monitoring
  • 24×7 pharmacist & nurse on call

Southside Specialty Pharmacy

Disease state management:

  • Hepatitis C
  • HIV
  • Oncology
  • Rheumatology
  • Crohn’s
  • Immunology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Neurology
  • Dermatology

The Specialty Team

  • Processing: Receives fax/escribe orders, Process the prescriptions/refills, send acknowledgements.
  • Reimbursement: Benefits verification, Prior authorization assistance, Copay assistance
  • Customer Service Representative: Patient calls, Delivery/Shipping Scheduling
  • Filling & Counseling: Prescription filling, Prescription verification, Patient counseling, Patient education, compliance documentation.

Communication Process

Pharmacist & Nurse on Call 24/7

Hepatitis C Care: Key Features

  • Pioneers of Hep- C Care in the Houston Market
  • Dedicated specialty staff
  • Prior Authorization assistance
  • Refill reminders
  • Therapy counseling & self injection training
  • Blood draw for Hep-C Labs
  • Fibroscan
  • Adherence & Compliance Management
  • Copay Assistance & Indigent programs
  • Free same day Delivery or Shipping
  • Co infection management

Southside Specialty Portal

  • Specialty Portal is designed and developed in-house by Southside to improve the communication between pharmacy-doctor & Insurance companies.
  • It’s a web based application, which features a secure login from that the doctor can access from his/her office.

The application provides the following:

  • Patients Information
  • Prescriptions
  • Rx Status
  • Documented Communication between Rx & Ins, Rx & MD
  • Periodic lab Values
  • Nursing comments

The information is secure, and accessible in real time.

Limited Distribution Access

Southside has been chosen as one of the few providers to carry and dispense limited distribution drugs by various manufacturers.

Retail Pharmacy Locations

Mail Order Shipping


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