Welcome back to Anzac Park for Term 2. We hope everyone has had a safe and happy holiday break. Teachers are looking forward to a wonderful term of learning, both on-site and from home. This newsletter will outline the Year 1/2 learning programs for Term 2.

Conceptual learning

The Big Question being explored across the school this term is, 'Why is it like this?'


Please see below the suggested curriculum time requirements for students in Year 1 and Year 2 (Stage 1) as stipulated by DoE NSW. Students in Year 1 and Year 2 should be engaging in approximately 2.5 hours of learning per day.

Please follow the link below for advice and resources for parents and carers to support student learning when learning remotely.


english Concept - authority and literary value
drama concept - artistic value

This term, students will develop an understanding of the concept 'Authority and Literary Value' through a study of rich literature throughout English. In Drama, students will have opportunities to deepen this conceptual understanding by exploring the concept of 'Artistic Value'. Both concepts teach us that the value we place on text and viewers’ responses can vary and be different from the composer’s intent.

Students will be exposed to quality texts that teach text, sentence and word level structures for narrative writing. In response to these readings, students will have opportunities to explore visualising and predicting as comprehension strategies. In addition to this learning, students will have the chance to create, perform and respond through drama and role play.

Students will engage in a program called the Daily 5. Which focuses on the fundamentals of literacy. Within this program is synthetic phonics (Sound Waves) to develop their reading and writing skills. In addition to this, students will continue to build their sight word knowledge through the Open Sight Words program. They will refine their reading and writing skills further in daily 5 activities such as listen to reading and work on writing.

Please see your child's Google Classroom folder: Program Support for strategies and tips to support your child in completing the Daily 5 at home.

For more information on the Anzac Park PS Home Learning policy, please follow the link below:


Concept - Comparision

In Mathematics, students will develop their mathematical skills through the lens of 'Comparison'. Comparison involves identifying similarities and differences in numbers, measurements, shapes, objects and data.

In Number and Algebra, students will develop confidence with counting and ordering small collections of Australian coins and notes. They will recognise and represent fractions of objects and collections in halves, quarters and eighths. Students will explore multiplication and division through equal groups, arrays and repeated addition and subtraction.

In Measurement and Geometry, students will compare and order the length of shapes and objects using both informal units (e.g. paperclips) and formal units (mm/cm/m). They will compare and order the area of different shapes using informal units (e.g. cubes). Students will measure mass of objects using balance scales.

In Statistics and Probability, students will learn to describe the chance of everyday outcomes and events occurring using the terms 'likely', 'unlikely', 'certain' and 'impossible'.


Concept - cause and effect

In Science this term, Year 1 students will explore living things through the concept of 'Cause and Effect'. Through this concept, students will understand the interactions and relationships between living things.

Students will participate in project-based learning as they unpack the question: How can we improve a local environment to encourage living things to thrive? Students will explore the external features of living things and develop an environment to support the growth of a plant or animal. Students will observe the ways living things change as they grow, and investigate the ways that humans use plants.


Concept - artistic value

In Term 2, students will engage in Creative Arts through Music. They will respond to a range of music, expressing likes and dislikes and the reasons for these choices. Students will learn to sing, play and move to a range of music, demonstrating an awareness of musical concepts. They will explore, create, select and organise sound in simple structures.


Concept - IDENTITY

In Physical Education, students will perform movement skills in a variety of sequences and situations. They will also learn to incorporate elements of space, time, objects, effort and people in creating and performing simple movement sequences.

In both Personal Development and Health (PDH) and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), students will develop an awareness of gender identity by challenging gender norms and develop an appreciation of difference. They will also focus on a positive growth mindset by developing a sense of self-compassion, understanding the importance of mistakes and gaining skills to use mindfulness as a coping strategy.

For more information on remote learning, please follow the link below:

The Year 2 teachers are excited for a terrific term of remote learning. We look forward to working with you and your child throughout this term!

Should you have any further questions, please contact your child's key teacher or myself

Holly Wilson A/Assistant Principal Year 2 - holly.wilson26@det.nsw.edu.au