IT Department Packages, Deployment, and getting help

Any previous installations of Adobe software that are not a named user deployment (Serial numbers) need to be removed from the computer prior to installing the named user Software package. This can be done with an uninstaller. If needed you can use Adobe Cleaner tool to get a deep clean of the machine. Please uninstall old software now.

Software installation, packages, and user management is all organized in the Adobe Admin Console or is referred to as the Adobe Dashboard. You will have received an E-mail from Adobe to accept your admin console rights. Please contact Bridget Mcnamera: kennedy@adobe.com if you did not receive or need an invitation resent to the dashboard. Please ensure that your lead teacher has admin rights to the Admin Console so that they can add users as they enter their classroom. All students teachers or individuals that work in a building may have a login. The number of licenses listed in the Admin Console is just a number, if you exceed your allotted licenses that is fine! All licensing for each student, computer, teacher, has been paid for. You may install on as many computers as you would like, the user will need a login to activate the software on a machine.

Sometimes you just need a little technical support. Below is how to go about getting help. There are many was so please just reach out and lets get things resolved.

A full overview of the Adobe Enterprise Dashboard hosted by Adobe. Updated Summer 2018

This enterprise support page is managed and organized by Adobe and is intended for a broad Enterprise solution. Not all ideas and techniques will fit in your institution. Please also note that using Federated ID's and Enterprise ID's will limit access to services for students and make asset migration more difficult at graduation. Therefore we suggest using Adobe ID's for students.

There are many options in the dashboard. Idaho functions a bit different than the standard enterprise explained in some of these resources. As a general suggestion, Use ADOBE ID, this is the only a suggestion but it ensures that all students will have access to Creative Cloud Services and a seamless transition when they graduate and move on to College. Also for deployment packages we suggest to install the all apps package so that there are no issues with missing applications or tools needed.

This video is designed for teachers but explains user groups and setting up profiles for those groups. Also some tips for managing users at graduation so that all seniors can be removed from the Admin Console at once with ease.

You will need to make your lead teacher a system administrator in the Admin Console. There is additional information about hierarchy and rolls below.


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