SPANISH AND HISPANIC STUDIES School of Languages and Literatures | College of Arts | University of Guelph

SPANISH AND HISPANIC STUDIES at the University of Guelph equips you to speak, read and write the world’s second-most widely used language, and adapt to its multinational, multiracial culture. Whether for work or play, Spanish earns you instant acceptance in the 20 countries where it is the official language, as well as among the 53 million Americans and nearly half a million Canadians who speak Spanish as their first language, in addition to the millions from countries in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia who use Spanish as a second language. Taken in combination with another major or minor, Spanish will enhance your understanding of the Western Hemisphere, spice up your life and boost your employability.

Studying Spanish and Hispanic Studies at Guelph prepares you to work on important contemporary issues such as the environment, identity, Indigeneity and immigration, and to enjoy a rich cultural heritage of literature, music, food and film.


Our tightly organized language program will teach you Spanish and get you ready for advanced courses where, by working with the literature and culture of the Hispanic world, you will improve fluency and develop invaluable cultural literacy. Our semesters abroad in Málaga, Mexico, Buenos Aires and the Madrid suburb of Alcalá de Henares offer students the chance for a stimulating immersion experience.


Our program is the ideal place to professionalize your knowledge of the language you’ve absorbed from family members or high school teachers, turning it into an instrument for personal growth and career advancement.


In our program, with its small classes, everyone will know your name and have your interests at heart. Few Canadian Spanish programs offer such a diversity of subject matter. You can study with professors who research language, linguistics, early and modern Spain, Latin America, Africa and the Hispanic diaspora. Spanish and Hispanic Studies at Guelph also offers opportunities to engage in experiential learning or work as a summer research assistant.

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