Ten laws in watanas are:

1. Citizens of watanas are not allowed to cause physical or emotional harm to yourself or others.

2. Citizens of watanas are not allowed to come within a five foot radius of the doom.

3. Citizens of watanas do not have the right to speak out about the Kings decision.

4. Unless citizens are designated hunters, delivery men or patrol. They can not go out side the walls.

5. Citizens of watanas are not allowed to tamper with the air lock unless their profession is an air attendant.

6. Once a item is possessed by another citizens some else is not aloud to take it unless it is soiled to them.

7. Citizens of watanas are not allowed to have any sort of weapons.

8. Citizens of watanas are not allowed to have more than two children.

9. Citizens of watanas have to except a person no madder their colour or religon believe.

10. You may not consume alchahol until the age of 19.

The creator of the laws of watanas, is our king Rupert Smith the third. Grandson of the founder of watanas Rupert smith.

Our Rangers petrol the city insecure of lawbreakers. They go to The Ranger Learning institution where they are taught laws and fighting techniques.

Our community is a monarchy because of our first king/founder Rupert Smith.

When a citizens of watanas breaks a law they get punished, the punishment verys from the death penalty where citizens our thrown out of the bubble in to the ocean to die they way to get this is any form of physical harm. To be public Shamed where the citizens has to run through the city in there underwear as people throw eggs at them.

We have many different kinds of school which one you go to really depends on what you want to do. Our schools are for. Marinebioligists, Rangers, Doctors, dentist, construction works, chefs.

Rangers: fighting techniques and laws so they what to be enforcing they also study people skills so citizens fell save around them.

Marinebioligists: they will be studying the animals around our city.

Doctor: will study the human body/medicine to help citizens with a minnor illness.

Dentist: They will be studying the human mouth.

Construction works: Will be taking wood shop/ angles.

Chefs: will be studying food and how it's made.

Every kid will go to school for a job where they will work for the left of there life they are not allowed to switch schools because they might fall behind.

Our schools are different from schools today because in our schools we only study for our jobs.

If a citizens wants to have a baby they can have only have a maxima of 2 so our bubble want get filled or over populated.

Everyone in watanas has to live in the same house if they have a kid but if the get a court hearing they can separate.

All of our citizens have a neighbour so they won't get lonely. Every house is close to the same size but if you live on a street with bmy g house your house is big and the same for a small house street.

Everybody lives with there family's in separate from each one family one house.

All of the house are different one every street their is a different house size.

We chose our house the be like this because if you wake up you want fell bad because your not rich like someone else on your house.

1. Health instructor-paramedic or Doctor 

2. Ranger- police officer

3. Bubble repair crew- they repair the bubble when it is damaged.

4. Entertainment crew- they are actors or people who make tv shows or performance.

5. Construction worker-they create all the build but not the bubble.

You have to apply for the jobs and have the schooling for it.

Every one has to take a interview.

Before every one has the proper schooling before they can even try.

We use sand dollars as our money They kind of lock like rocks with a design in them. When someone gives birth they get 1200 a year to support their child if you buy something big like a house or car you don't have to pay for 4 mouths so you buy it straight up and then have to start paying morgen in 4 mouths a car you buy the car but you don't pay Insurance for 4 month.

In watanas we public transit such as bus, train or subway and we have car dealership. We have a mass transit subway because a lot of people use it and vote for it in a Survey.

Our community is under water so we live in a bubble our community is of the cost of Hawaii so the water never freezes. We have heating systems in our bubble so it is always hot and there only one season Summer.

Citizens of watanas are allowed as much time as they want outside of work our school but in their work day they get an hour break and in a school day for children they get a hour and a half. In watanas things you can do for fun is go swimming in the bubble, play any sport or any game. The king does not control how you spend your free time. Watanas citizens spend their free time different like how in watanas you get a hour break from work to do what ever you want and we have many more options for fun activities for any age.

In our community technology is very Advanced from technology today I mean we live in an under water bubble you can do almost anything with your phone like turn on the tv, flush the toilet in a public bathroom, open doors and move small objects. Citizens of watanas live a more complex life then now a days they can do so much more with their phones and house our the same size on each street so I would say yes.

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