How it began Elliott #15


Germany could not pay WWI damage debt and the economy suffered. They needed a leader to help them. Other countries suffered damages also and needed leaders. Many new leaders rose to power promising to fix these problems. These new leaders caused their own set of problems, starting a war.

Adolf hitler

In the 1920s Adolf Hitler rose to power. He started a political party named the Nazis. In 1933 the Nazis took over Germany. He ruled with complete power, and used force to control people. Through the late 1930s millions of innocent people were put in concentration camps just because they didn't aggree.

Benito Mussolini

In 1919 he created a fascist party and made himself the dictator. By 1922 Italy was in a chaotic state and Mussolini said that only he could help Italy restore order. He was given authority over Italy and slowly decreased the chaos. He later sighted the pact of steel making a military alliance with Germany.

Francisco franco

He was a career solider who got higher in ranks until the 1930s. The economic structure was weak he joined a right leaning rebel movement. He then lead an uprising taking control of Spain after the Spanish civil war. He later controlled a brutal military dictatorship where thousands of people were killed or thrown in jail during his early reign.

Joseph Stalin

In 1924 he took control of the Soviet Union. He lead the Soviet Union into war against Germany in World War Two. He had full control of the Russian people and encouraged them to hand over each other and accus each other.

Hideki Tojo

In 1941 he was made the dictator not because of his political power but because of his sucess in war. During the war he was more focused on politics than strategizing his battle. He did not so much lead Japan but more carry out the plans made by the political cabinet.

Harry s truman

In his first months of biennial president he dropped the atomic bomb on Japan ending the war. After Japan joined allies with germany they bombed the US in the famous battle of Pearl Harbor. After this the US became active in the war. Dropping the atomic home ended the war.

After the war Germany gave up and the allies won. Will Germany attack back will Japan fight back?

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