Ebooks Over Real Books By jayd foo

Let’s start by me asking you a question. What book can be shared all around the world? At the same time! What book can be read over and over again but still stays intact? Still don’t know? I’m talking about the more creative way to read and if you disagree I will be proving why Ebooks should be chosen over paperbooks. The electronic book can be customised for every different reader, it makes everyone’s life easier plus it's cheaper and all those everyday struggles with real books can be easily solved!

At night when reading your book you can save electricity and the sore eyes with the simple solution of an Ebook. Ebooks can be customized into night mode where the pages are black but the words are white which is a very useful tool for night readers such as myself. The small sized print is an issue when you have bad eyesight but with Ebooks you can increase the size of the words to your liking and even change the type of font or style. In most Ebook apps there is a switch called auto scrolling or hands free mode where the page scrolls down by itself at any speed you want! If you don't like that then you can scroll down the page by itself or flip it like a real book.

As a student and a book lover it is absolutely aggravating carrying thousands of books in one bag and at the end of the day you feel exhausted after your daily routine but that is not the case with Ebooks. Imagine that carrying all your favorite books in one small device and saving the back ache for when you're older. Not only can you carry your books for enjoyment but you can download your textbooks too. The cost of real books are higher than buying books online for a fraction of the price and some books are even free! Once you finish a book you have to go to the library and borrow a new one right? Well that's not the case with Ebooks. On a kindle or iPad you can just burrow or buy another book once you're done reading.

With a real book all those everyday struggles will be solved for example when you're using a cook book and trying to keep it open while cooking. You're reading the recipe and the book keeps closing on itself once you turn around trying to follow the steps except there's a much cleaner and easier way if you used an Ebook. The Ebook is a flat object so there won't be the struggle of pages flipping. If you're a book lover then you would know how frustrating it is to lose a page or forget what point of the book you're up to and you would just wish for an auto save built into it like an Ebook. There is an auto save on an Ebook and it's so useful when you fall asleep reading and your device turns off because as soon as the pages stop turning the part you're up to is saved. After years of keeping your paper book then it's sure to be torn and destroyed or maybe the library only provides over borrowed dirty books but in fear of contracting a desease you can use an Ebook. They are way more cleaner and sanitary not to mention that you can read the book over and over again without it getting destroyed.

Given these points it's not hard to see why Ebooks are better than real books as they are customizable for every different reader, it makes everyone's life easier and it solves everyday real book struggles! Without a shadow of a doubt do I believe that Ebooks are better than real books. Now get out there and borrow a book on your device let it be a iPad, laptop, phone or a kindle.


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