Canada 2041 By:razin


The Birth Rate of Canada is 1.61 per woman and the death rate is 8.5 per 1000 people. The problem is that we have low birth rate, which means the population isn't really growing that much. Not to mention that it costs over $100,000 to raise a child.
We can solve this by giving a financial incentive to large families and also try to lower the cost of supplies parents need to raise a children. We also have the opportunity to increase the number of immigrants into our country. If we increase our population and birth rate and keep our death rate low we should be able to make Canada grow in a jiffy.

Physical Environment And Resources And Industry

Fossil Fuels: Fossil fuels include oil,coal, etc. We extract them by first obviously finding them. Then rotary drilling rigs are used to reach oil and natural gas that is far below the earth’s surface. A drill pipe is sunk into the earth and a metal bit from its center turns really fast, making a hole that will be lined with steel pipe called casing that will enable oil to be pumped and gas to flow to the surface.
Fossil fuels are used to fuel cars and air planes, power electricity plants, and heat our homes. They are also used to make medicines, cosmetics, plastics, synthetic fabrics, and lubricants. When you brushed your teeth today, you used a product made from oil – toothpaste.The amount of fossil fuel usage in Canada has increased and that means trouble, the reason of which is because is burning fossil fuels releases harmful and poisonous fumes into the air which contributes to air pollution. Not to mention it's not a renewable resource.
What can do is reduce the usage of fossil fuels and find and use alternate sources of energy such as Hydroelectricity(water) or wind power. The way we can reduce our use of fossils is reduce the use of plastic. A lot of plastic, including the ubiquitous plastic bag, uses fossil fuels in its manufacture. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Be energy conscious with your power in the home and Install solar panels.

Urban Sprawl

Problem is Brampton is growing at an alarmingly fast rate. Houses are being built into tight spaces meaning that a high density of homes are being placed into a small amount of room. The amount of car usage has risen and most families have at least 2 cars. Due to that both traffic and pollution has risen. So many people trying to get to places at the same time and let's not get started on rush hour. The amount of burning fossil fuels(gas,coal,oil,etc) is releasing fumes into the air. We are losing green spaces and there is a high increase in public expenditure meaning costs. If Canada is improving their roads, pipes, bridges, etc it would cost more per resident and would probably come from taxes. So basically taxes would increase.
Uncontrolled Urbanization
We could solve this by Cultivating Green Space- meaning no matter how small, adding green space can make a neighbourhood much more enjoyable. Not to mention how those green spaces can work as habitats for other living creatures. Working to keep enough attractive, affordable, updated housing choices within the already developed area Assuring that development is spread out fairly metropolitan-wide and working to grow at a slower and fairer pace Revive, Repair, Reinvent-meaning we can do so much by repairing and reviving places in our community. For instance we can turn empty buildings or empty plazas into lively town centers. Using space wisely
Cultivating green space whilst having buildings an other urbanized things


In order to solve what problems we have I propose that we give out financial incentives to large families so we can increase our birth so we can increase our population. I also propose that we let more immigrants to help make the population grow. What I propose for the environment is that we reduce the use of Fossil fuels and try to use alternate sources of energy such as hydroelectricity. In order to slow down or fix urban sprawl I propose that we add more green to communities. I also propose that we work to keep enough attractive, affordable, update housing within a already developed area, assuring that development is spread out fairly metropolitan-wide and working to grow at a slower and fairer pace and lastly if we can revive and repair buildings such as empty plazas we could turn them into parks or town-centers.


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