The American Dream Michelle Jerantowski

I hear America singing, the delightful sound I hear

Those of the less fortunate having opportunities just like the rest of us

A refuge for the sick, a shelter for the needy

Immigrants taking advantage of prosperous America

Newcomers discovering the real meaning of being patriotic

The handicapped and the disabled unearthing unimaginable possibilities

Obstacles no longer hindering the success of all

The whimsical American Eagle ready to spread it's wings

Each singing what belongs to him or her and to none else

A rebirth of wonder, perpetually waiting

Singing with open mouths their powerful, pleasant songs.


Created with images by Unsplash - "usa flags stars and stripes" • SplitShire - "guitarist acoustic guitar man" • Elvert Barnes - "26.Downtown1.WDC.11dec05" • USDAgov - "20111031-FNS-LSC-0190" • AZRainman - "African Roots" • bowdenartist - "Flag" • Stevebidmead - "wheelchair disabled man" • skeeze - "silhouette soldier military" • skeeze - "bald eagle eagle bald" • klimkin - "microphone concert girl" • Pexels - "bench man person" • deovolenti - "Nic laughs!"

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