WW1-Survival Guide By:summer W. p-6

Weapon: Gun

To survive in the trenches you would need a weapon. you would need a weapon incase someone from the other side would try and attack your trench or if any type of animal attacked you. So a weapon you would need could be something like a gun. ("World War 1 World War 2 Re-enactors Rotherham")

Gas Mask

The next thing you will need to survive during WW1 would be a gas mask. You need a gas mask because the other side could bomb you during your sleeping time or anytime during the battle. Also you could end up inhaling gases or even going blind if you don't have one.("Gas Mask")


Next, another thing you'll need to survive during WW1 would have to be a helmet. You need a helmet because if a bullet or something like that would hit your head you wouldn't get injured. Also you would need a helmet incase something in your trench would fall and hit your head.("Naval History & Heritage Command")

Entrenching Tool

Next, another survival guide tool would have to be a shovel. This shovel will be your most prized possession. This will help you to dig the trench that will keep you in safe hiding for the time being.("2010-136-1 Entrenching Tool, World War I")

Medical Kit

Lastly, one of the important things you will need to survive is a first aid kit or a medical kit you could call it. This is very important to have, especially if you get injured or one of your members gets injured. you can quickly have it on hand and try to fix the problem right away!("Medical Kits")

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