Kore Cosmetics

Kore Cosmetics is a brand that thinks if our fashion changes throughout the season why can't our makeup. Come to our store and get all the makeup you need for all four seasons. Or buy it online at www.korecosmetics.com One day you could be wearing flowery colors and and the next day have on dark colors

  • Our employees :
  • Persephone - Boss and Makeup Model
  • Demeter - CFO
  • Zeus - Technology Manager
  • Hades - Security Guard
  • Zagreus - Security Guard
  • The Erinyes - Social Media Crew and Models
  • Melinoe - Secretary
Here is an example of one of the many lipsticks in this makeup line this particular one is called Pomegranate
If you want eyelashes like this you should get our mascara
This is Persephone's winter or underworld look you can recreate it by buying this palette and doing it yourself at home
This spring you can enjoy this look created with a mixture of light pinks
This natural look will look great for a summer day out
Here is what you could find persephone wearing this fall and maybe even you also this is the palette we have available for you to purchase to create this look
This is what Persephone calls her torched look and we even provide a palette you could get to make this look happen
These are two items you can purchase to create any look you can imagine
Get this makeup brushes in store or online to apply these looks to your face
Here are more ideas

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