UNEST Video Concept


Millennials are fervent researchers who spent their formative years dealing with the aftermath of the housing bubble burst in 2008.


They are now looking for homes for the first time and need a trusted partner to educate them on the process.


To facilitate conversions by creating a 60-90 second video that demonstrates UNEST’s benefits.


This video must emotionally engage the viewer by telling a relatable story while positioning UNEST as an authentic, trustworthy, and valuable course.

The Concept


A millennial couple is cohabiting in their tiny apartment. She cooks in the kitchen while he emerges in a towel from the bathroom. The space is so tight that they bump into each other and lightheartedly laugh it off while resolving to find a bigger place.


Later, she goes for a jog and stumbles upon her dream home - and it's got a FOR SALE sign on the front yard. She takes a picture on her phone and continues on her run.


He takes the dog for a walk and stumbles upon his dream home - and it's got a FOR SALE sign on the front yard. Sound familiar? He takes a picture on his phone and continues on his walk.


The couple reunites later and sit on the couch together. She pulls out her phone to show him the picture. He sees it, laughs, and pulls out his phone to show her his picture of the same house.


The couple appears frustrated and pours over paperwork on their kitchen table. They turn to their laptop/iPad, and see a picture their friend has posted of their brand new house on Facebook. She leaves a comment "Congrats on the new house! What's your secret?" Her friend responds, "UNEST!"


The couple signs up for UNEST and begin taking courses. We see them accessing the content in their home, in a coffee shop, and on-the-go using different devices. As they learn, they take notes and gain confidence as they prepare themselves for the next step.


A SOLD sign is slapped onto the FOR SALE sign in front of their dream home. The couple hugs in front of the house, then turns to take a selfie.


The selfie is utilized as a transition point to cut to our new location: their brand new living room, as she posts the picture on instagram with the caption "Our new home! #unest". The husband walks in with takeout and the two sit on the floor and admire their surroundings and accomplishment as their dog runs in to sit on their lap.

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