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The Premier League has a much better structure than IPL does. Entire teams keep on changing in IPL (due to new auctions every year). The franchises playing in IPL keep on changing too. The only reason IPL is successful is because it happens only for 1 and a half month or so. IPL is just too inconsistent in front of Premier League.

Brand values of Premier League teams according to Forbes 2016:

Manchester United: $3.45 billion
Arsenal: $2.01 billion
Manchester City: $1.92 billion
Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs are all worth more than $1 billion.
Second division team Newcastle United is worth $383 million.

Brand values of IPL teams according to D&P 2016:

Mumbai Indians: $78 million
Kolkata Knight Riders: $77 million
Royal Challengers Bangalore: $67 million
All the other clubs are valued at below $45 million.


Premier League: Premier League will make a mammoth £8.3 billion (notice it’s £ and not $) from TV broadcasting contracts worldwide for a period of 3 years from 2016–2019.
IPL: BCCI will want to make something between $2.5 - 3 billion from broadcasting rights for a period of 10 years from 2017.

Here again, EPL wins by a huge margin, even if you consider the fact that EPL takes place for 10 months and IPL for just one and a half.

Player wages from clubs:

Virat Kohli, who is the highest-paid player in IPL, recieves $2.26 million. Considering the IPL to be 6 weeks long, he makes $375,000 a week, only during the 6 week IPL.
Paul Pogba, who is EPL’s highest-paid player, gets £290,000 or $360,000 a week. But he gets this money, every week throughout the year.

But, the average EPL player makes more in a week than an average IPL player does. Again, the average EPL player gets this money throughout entire year and the average IPL player only for a month and half. So EPL wins here too.

The IPL is growing fast, but it’s lack of proper structure and limited following outside the Indian subcontinent makes it well behind the EPL.

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