1960 Protest Music Redemption song by Bob marley

Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" was recorded from January- April 1980 and was released on June 10th 1980.

Bob Marley has many hits that are very well known such as "Three Little Birds" (Every little thing is gonna be alright), "One Love", "No Women, No Cry", "This Is Love", "You Could Be Loved", "Get Up Stand Up, and many others.

Start at 1:13 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrY9eHkXTa4

"Old pirates yes they rob I", Marley says how the Africans were robed from there home land and there culure

"Sold I to the merchant ships", The Africans were sold to the merchants to be taken into slavery.

"Sold I to the merchant ships", The Africans were sold to the merchants to be taken into slavery.

"Minutes after they took I from the bottom less pit", The took them from there endless people and the culture that has always been there.

"But my hand was made strong", He is saying he will survive anything that is coming toward him

"By the hand of the almighty", with the help of God he will get through it

"We forward in this generation triumphantly", He is saying that in this generation there has been great changes for people of African descent toward freedom.

"Won't you help to sing these songs of freedom", He wants people to sing the songs of freedom.

" 'Cause all I ever had redemption songs, redemption songs", All the people have had through the years are the songs of freedom and redemption.

"Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery", Marley is tell people to free themselves from the slavery that oppresses there minds.

"None but ourselves can free our minds", He is saying that only you can free yourself and no one else can.

"Have no fear for atomic energy", The lyric is saying that you don not have to be afraid of anything even something as chaotic as atomic power.

" 'Cause none of them can stop the time", No fear can stop time so why should I stop you.

"How long shall they kill our prophets", How long will people who are against us kill the man/women that we believe in.

"While we stand aside and look", Why should we just stand there and let them kill our people and our hero's.

"Some say it's just a part of it", Some say that we can not change the way things are.

"We've got to fulfill the book", Marley is saying that we need to complete what we started and make things better for us.

"All I ever had, redemption songs", He is saying that from the beginning the thing that has always been there are the sings of hope, freedom, and redemption.

"These songs of freedom, songs of freedom", He just repeats that the songs of freedom are always there for us.

The "Redemption Song" relates to the time period because in the time there were struggles that African-Americans had to go through to get there freedom.

When Bob Marley wrote "Redemption Song" there were different events that happened when he was recording the "Uprising" album which "Redemption Song" was on, which was released in the summer of 1980. Such as, November 4, 1979 - The Iran Hostage Crisis begins when sixty-three Americans are among ninety hostages taken at the American embassy in Tehran by three thousand militant student followers of Ayatollah Khomeini, who demand that the former shah return to Iran to stand trial.January 4, 1980 - President Jimmy Carter announces the embargo on sale of grain and high technology to the Soviet Union due to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. February 13, 1980- Miracle on Ice when a team of U.S. amateur ice hockey players defeated the vaunted Soviet Union professional all-star team in the semi-final game, then won the gold medal over Finland. April 1, 1980 - The 1980 census shows a population in the United States of 226,542,203, an 11.4% increase since 1970. April 12, 1980 - The United States Olympic Committee, responding to the request of President Jimmy Carter on March 21, votes to withdraw its athletes from participation in the Moscow Summer Olympic Games due to the continued involvement of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. April 24-25, 1980 - The attempt to rescue the American hostages held captive in the U.S. Embassy in Iran fails with eight Americans killed and five wounded in Operation Eagle Claw when a mid-air collision occurs. May 18, 1980 - The Mt. St. Helens volcano, in Washington State, erupts, killing fifty-seven people and economic devastation to the area with losses near $3 billion.

Bob Marley wrote the song when he was battling cancer, he knew he was going to die soon and he wanted to give one last message to his fans and the rest of the people in the world. He wanted people to know that they can end discrimination and to fight for freedom. He got inspiration from civil rights campaigner Marcus Garvey and used quotes from him in "Redemption Song". The song also about how Bob Marley see slavery and the generations after with how far we have come and how the hope for freedom as always been there.

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