The Vidio Game Industry Balin Munro 8.1

23.5 billion people play computer games

23.5 billion dollars are spent in the gaming industry each year

48% of Gamers are Female and the other 58% are Male.

Some Gaming Genres include :

  • RPG
  • Simulation
  • First Person Shooter

Some gaming platforms include:

  • PS3
  • X box
  • Ipad
  • Ds
  • Wii
Reference : yr7 tech
E Sports is played in international tournaments around the world with the most common genres include real-life strategy, fighting and first person shooter.

E Sports

E Sports are played by professionals gamers on multiplayer servers for spectators enjoyment. In 2013 71.5 million people across the world watched e sports.Esports most popular in South Korea has several established eSports organizations, which have licensed pro gamers since the year 2000. Recognition of eSports competitions outside South Korea has come slower than expected. Along with South Korea, most competitions take place in Europe, North America and China.

Flow Chart

Game Design


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