Steve Harmon By: Bryan watkins

Steve Harmon was young boy who grew up in Manhattan, NY. He is just 16 years old. He is black and he could be in jail for his whole entire life. Steve was accused of felony murder. He thinks that he is a monster because of the drugstore robbery of Mr. Nesbitt´s death.

The type of clothes I would bring to any child if they were in jail awaiting a trial. I bring them nice and comfortable clothes to wear to their trial. clean clothes like under clothes, pants, shirts, and comfortable dress shoes for them to wear.

If I was a parent that had a child who have been placed in jail and how would I lift up my spirit of my inmate child. I would tell my child to be strong and don´t let anyone know that you are scared. show that you are a brave person. Show your true strengths.

If I was that child that was to be put in jail, I would be scared to live my life in there. I would feel nervous and frightened just seeing other inmates walking around me


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