Not Advised for Children Due to the lack of understanding and responsibilities for oneself, there is no way children are ready for his or her own cell phone.

How aware are parents on a daily bases know what their children are being exposed to on his or her cell phone throughout the day?

Smart phones are clearly entertaining, but at what cost are parents willing to expose their child to such complex devices?

Cell phones should be for those who have responsibilities and are aware of the capabilities that a cell phones hold.

Children are at the age where they have to be told when to eat, when to go to bed or are still in the potty training stage, and should have age appropriate devices.

Watching the screen change and light up by tapping different applications are not what cell phones are used for but devices for children similar to this can be found at Toys"R"us.

This just goes to show that cell phones are not advised for children.

A concerned parent posted this picture of an article in the newspaper of an eight year old with her own phone.

Children having his or her individual cell phone allows them to be able to talk to whomever, as well as look at whatever, without the parent's knowledge or consent. Even at eye view parents are not paying much attention and show little concern.

Please protect children from what they do not know or understand about the dangers that comes with cell phones.
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Taii Teasley


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