The Great Mixed Capitalism By: Aquil Spates & Alea Delaney


  • Competition among businesses. Advertising is companys competitions for people's business so That the company can make more revenue. Competition can be found all over the US, cellular providers, insurance, phone brands, car brands. Competition is what makes capitalism work.
  • Capitalism is based on free markets, the opportunity for anyone to enter the market and produce any services or products. The US makes it easy to make and start your own business and prosper.
  • Provides social/legal framework of understood laws, legal contracts, and a stable currency that allows people to save and invest. We have a basic knowledge of the laws in our country and we have a stable currency that won't crash.
  • Government regulates businesses. By the government regulating the businesses it helps people not get taken advantage of. Minimum wage is government regulation, so is the cleanliness laws and how the workers treat the customers.
  • Government provides a safety net for the people. Food stamps, obamacare and homeless shelters are a few examples of how America provides for its people.


  • Capitalism promotes innovation. Markets create incentives which which then capitalism generates innovation. The rate of productivity increases when an economy is affected by incentives that reward innovation and new businesses. This is proved in research and development and also physical and human capital.
  • People have a chance at social mobility. The opportunity in America because of mixed capitalism is large and growing. There is a ladder of social classes that can be climbed and although it will be hard it is possible.
  • Capitalist economies are prosperous and growing. The United States GDP has grown to $15.68 trillion while democratic socialist country of France is only $2.61 trillion. Capitalism allows the economy to grow and expand their profits. Capitalism allows for growth because people can cease their own businesses and their is less government regulation.


  • The United States ( Mixed Capitalism ) has 15 percent of people below the poverty line, as for Hong Kong ( Pure Capitalism) has 19.6 of people below the poverty line. Mixed Capitalism does a better job giving people higher wages.
  • In a Pure Capitalist government the homeless rate is extremely high, over 1,000 people are homeless. Enough jobs aren't created under a Pure Capitalist government.
  • The same opportunities are not givin in a pure capitalism government, for example in Hong Kong there is a lack of opportunity for non-mandarin or non-Cantonese speakers because the government doesn't provide opportunities for people who don't speak their native language. The government should provide jobs for people with less advantages.


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