Dorian Membreno


Achilles is the best soldiers of the German he is know because of his talent for killing.The king of German doesn't like him because he do not listen to his orders.Then one of the prince of Troy steel the wife of Agamon brother , then he is angry because he received them in his house and one of them did that to him.Them the Germans go to the war against the Trojans with many troops as they can..

"I wanted to be remember always and that my name will remembered for century I want them to say Achilles the son of a God the best warrior that ever existed in the world.And that they say Achilles the one that kill Hector the one that carry the Greece to the win of the war against the Trojans."

I liked everything about the book but the most part that i like was when Hector was fighting with Achilles that was the part that i like the most.The part that i didn't like was when Achilles die..


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