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Spanish Conquistadors defeats Indians

The Spanish Conquistadors were explorers and while sailing the ocean they found an Indian civilization, they manipulated the Indian's into thinking that they come in peace and that they are no threat to them. When the Indian's least expected it the Spanish Conquistadors attacked them and killed most of the tribe members. After the fight whoever was left alive got captured and were slaves to the Spanish Conquistadors they even took their king and made him into a slave. The Spanish Conquistador's had their slaves dip things into molten gold to earn more money and because they have the tribes leader as a slave they got more food from their farm land.

3 Main Causes

The main reasons why it was really easy for the Spanish Conquistadors to defeat the Indians is because they had guns, knives, and armor. The Indians didn't have weapons and didn't have any armor on because they weren't expecting the Conquistador's to show up/fight. The main weapon that the Spanish Conquistadors used in battle was a sword.

Another reason why they were able to conquer the Indian's easily is because they had horses that they trained so that they won't get spooked by the gun shots. The Indian's were shocked because they have never seen a horse be ridden before they only have seen them working in land and in a farm.

For the final reason why the Indian's where easily defeated is because the Spanish Conquistadors did a sneak attack that the Indian's didn't see coming they thought that the Spanish Conquistadors were scared and left. The Spanish Conquistadors also were carrying a disease called "small pox" with this deadly disease it helped them wipe out most of the Indian population because the Indian's body's had no idea what this disease was and how to fight it.

3 Effects

One of the effects that happened from the Spanish Conquistadors defeating the Indian's is that they got more money because they took the leader of the Indian's as a slave and also took whoever was still alive as a slave. What the Spanish Conquistadors did once they got back home is have the slaves melt gold and dip items into it.

Once the Spanish Conquistadors conquered the Indian's they took their land so what this did for them is give them more land to farm. So what this did for the Spanish Conquistador's is helped them get more food which meant that they could have more and more people and then they became one of the most powerful countries in the world.

The rest of the Indian population that was still alive the Spanish Conquistadors took them as a slave including the leader of their tribe so what this did for them is give them more slaves to work for them and it also gave them more land and also more gold objects. What this did for the Spanish Conquistadors is made them one on the most dominant/powerful army in the world they also were one of the richest.

Columbus finding the new land

Christopher Columbus was a explorer that knew his way around the ocean. Columbus went to a few different kings to give him a crew and a ship so that he could sail west. Eventually during Christopher Columbus journey he came across the King of Spain that agreed to help Columbus sail west.

Christopher Columbus

3 main causes

The reason Columbus thought he knew a shortcut is because he found a map of the ocean and the creator of the map didn't know that America was real or that it even existed because there was no recorded evidence of it at that time, because of this Columbus thought that by sailing west he would get to Asia faster.

After getting denied by the Spanish king to give him ships Christopher Columbus went to Spain where he met the king and asked for a crew and a few ships to sail west. The king of Spain had just finished a war so they extra money, what this did for Christopher Columbus is letting him get a boat and sail west. While sailing west Columbus hit a land and thought that he had found Asia.

Columbus also wanted to get more money for the king of Spain and the reason why they gave him ships and men is because they had just finished a war and got allot of money to spare so what this did was give Columbus a chance to sail west with his crew to find Asia and get the king more spices and get him some more money.

3 effects

While he was sailing west he thought that he had hit Asia but what he didn't know is that it was America that he found. Columbus eventually realized that he didn't hit Asia but he hit a different bit of land. Columbus eventually realized that he didn't hit Asia but he hit a different stretch of land and he figured this out because their were different looking people there. What this did was have Columbus write a note to the king of Spain and let him know that hey had hit a different land while sailing west, this is what Columbus said about the people: "their are weird looking people here".

The 2nd effect is that Spain became more powerful after they had won the war because they got a lot of land and got more slaves. What this did for them is gave them more people to have make items out of gold and get the king of Spain even more rich. This also is a reason on why the king of Spain had given Columbus a few ships and men to sail west to Asia.

For the 3rd effect is that Christopher Columbus became well known because he thought that by sailing west would be a shortcut to Asia, the only reason why he thought this though is because he found a map of the ocean that didn't have America on it. Columbus was also the first person to report finding the new land (America), this is what made him famous.

English defeats Spanish

The Spanish attacked English boats so that they could get more money because the Spanish Conquistadors did that it made the English army retaliate against them and raid them back. Because the English army retaliated against the Spanish Conquistadors which eventually led to the Spanish Conquistadors downfall which eventually meant that it was the end for one of the most powerful army's in the world.

3 main causes

The first main cause is that the Spanish attacked the English because the English hired pirates to invade their ships and steal their money in order to become more rich and more powerful, because of this the Spanish retaliated and attacked the English back in order to take back their money.

The English were more advanced then the Spanish in weaponry so what this did for the English is make it easier for them to defeat the Spanish and take out the most powerful army in the world at the time, if the English weren't more advanced the Spanish then it would've been harder to beat them.

While in the ocean the Spanish Conquistadors sailed into a bad storm that destroyed most of their army and most of their boats after they got out of the storm the English came and took out the rest of the Spanish army and had taken out one of the most powerful and richest army in the world.

3 Effects

Since the Spanish and the English where fighting the Spanish Conquistador had lost most of their army which eventually lead to their retreat because of this the Spanish army had lost the war and had left the English with the title as one of the most powerful army's in the world.

Since the English army were more advanced in weaponry then the Spanish army it made it harder for the Spanish army to fight back. What this did for the English is help them beat the Spanish army easier, the Spanish weren't as advanced as the English were so this led to the Spanish having a disadvantage.

After retreating from battle the Spanish army was sailing in the ocean and they had encountered a storm that took out most of their crew members so the English were easily able to take advantage of this and beat the Spanish army taking out one of the most powerful army's in the world.


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