Kyotocat The Intemate Series

After five years of taking emotional pictures of bad souvenirs and unlucky happenings, it's time to start a new serie of pictures. I'd call it "The Intimate Series". Based on some moodboards I show to models I trust, I already have worked with and/or are open to erotic art, I ask a personal interpretation of these moodboards, the model/woman being free to show skin, emotions, ... However they feel when seeing the pictures. The poses might turn out to be erotic, intimate, provocative, shy, ... the only constant I want to keep is an artistic touch, an own view on what's shared to me, not falling into crude, open, nothing telling pictures. Told stories and secrets will be kept secret, everyone can imagine an own story throughout the pictures.

I have started this serie with a model I feel comfortable with, someone I consider being the most free person I know on Earth, who helped me a lot with starting this up... Miss Kyotocat... You can discover more of her on her tumblr account http://kyotocat.tumblr.com


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