George Washington carver By billy griffith

George Washington carver

he was born sometime in 1861, or in Jan of 1864 the day of his birth and year aren't known but he was born into slavery in Missouri,

He is known for promoting alternative crops, such as cotton, sweet potatoes and peanuts, he wanted to do this to help poor farmers grow a food source for themselves and as a source of income, and the most popular of his 44 bulletins for farmers was 105 recipes with peanuts

Early years

He was born into slavery, in diamond grove, newton county, which was near crystal place which is now known as diamond missouri, the exact date isn't known, but his parents were bought by his master Moses carver in 1864 or 1865, and Moses, who was a German American immigrant had purchased his parents Mary and Giles,William p McGinnis,on oct 9 for 700$, carver had 10 sisters and one bother, all who died prematurely, when he was one week old, his mother and sister were kid napped by night raiders, who were from Arkansas, his brother was rushed to safety from them. But the slages were sold in Kentucky, and his master hired john Bentley to find them, Mose negotiated with them and he got George back, and rewarded Bentley, after slavery got abolished, Moses raised George and his brother as their own, they wanted him to continued his pursuit of knowledge, and his "aunt Susan" had taught him basic reading and writing, since African Americans weren't allowed to go to regular schools, he went to a segregated school for African Americans that was 10miles away, he decided to go, but when he got there it was closed for the night, and he slept in a barn nearby, and the next morning a woman came by Mariah Watkins, and he asked to rent a room, she asked his name and he addressed himself as carvers George like he does to everyone and the woman said from now on you're name is George carver, George like Mariah and her words, she had said you must ,earn all you can and then go back out into the world and give back you're learning, at thirteen he. Had moved with foster parents, and in Scott fort kanses, until he saw a black man killed by a group of whites , he left soon after and attended several different schools before going to Minneapolis high school, in Minneapolis, Kansas


He had tried to get in to several colleges before getting accepted into highland university in Kansas, but when he arrived they rejected him because of race,in aug of 1886, he traveled by wagon to eden township in ness county, he made a homestead in beeler, where he maintained a small conservatory of plants, flowers and a geological collection, he manually plowed the 17 acres of land, planting corn , Indian corn, rice and garden produce, as well as fruit and forest trees and shrubbery, he also had odd jobs as a ranch hand,(farmers helper)in 1888 he obtained a $300 loan, he left the area in June and in 1890 started studying piano at Simpson collage, and his teacher saw he had a talent for painting flowers and pants and suggested he take botany at Iowa state, he went and his profesers convinced him to get his masters, he did reasearch at Iowa experiment station for 2 years, his work in plant pathology and mycology and gained him national recognition and he was the first black man to be a staff at iowa state

Tuskegee institute

Booker t Washington the head principle in 1896 at Tuskegee invited carver to head its agricultural dept, he taught there for forty seven years developing it into a strong research center, and he also worked with two other cloche presidents during the tenure of his time there, he taught crop rotation,several alternative cash crops for framers that also would improve the soil from heavily cultivated Cotten,initiated research into crop products(chemurgy), carver invented the Jessie wagon which was a mobile classroom to take the learning to the farmers,

Rise to fame

He devoted techniques to improve soil,urged farmers to do crop rotation with sweet potatoes and legumes(like peanuts and peas)he had founded a research laboratory, and he got assistants to help him, they did original research and more beyond that, and he got his information around by making frames bullitens,his work was known by officials in the capital like Theodore Roosevelt before he became a public figiure and they admired his work, later on he was made a member of the royal society of arts, his promotion of peanuts gained him the most recognition, he even spoke at a convention and made a speech called the possibility of the peanut,

His life while famous/relationships

During the last two decades of his life, he often was promoting Tuskegee university, racial harmony and peanuts, and it things that gained him notabality, such as his newspaper club of free advice, some young business leaders would even ask him for advice, and three presidents,, Theodore Roosevelt,calving n coolage and franklin Roosevelt , and the crown prince of Sweden studied with him for three weeks,

Relation ships

He never married but at forty he had a courtship with sarah L hunt a elementary school teacher and sister in law towarren Logan,it lasted three years until she took a job in california,


He was coming home one day, and he fell down a flight of stairs, a maid found him and took him to the hospital, but he died, this was on Jan 5 1943, he had died from anemia resulting from the fall. He was buried beside of booker t Washington at Tuskegee university, on his gravestone, it read he could have. Found fortune in fame, but caring for neither, he found Happiness and honor in helping the worlD.

Famous quotes, education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.

When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world.

And this is tend if my presentation of George Washington carvers life by billy Griffith

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