Chapter 3 By: Gregory Santangteli


This is my favorite because it shows the real meaning of holidays, gathering with family. (usually around a table)


Photo by Michael Kenna. For this photo, Kenna used a very hight exposure and blurred the photo to create a "spooky" look. He also used the path of trees to suck the viewer into the photo.
For my photo, I tried to use the same tactic by blurring the photo and adding more white to the black and white photo. I also used a road with trees lining it, I feel like it symbolizes the journey through life. Even though the photos weren't identical, I personally think I did great with the editing.

Passion: Aerial Photography

This is the first photo I took. Personally, I would like to improve the quality of the photo because it is very blurry. I feel like the photo is blurry because I took it as my drone was turning, there for causing a blur in the picture.
Not only did I want to take pictures with my drone, I also wanted to take pictures of it. Personally, I like the red on the black and white photo, but I think if I had more time I would increase the brightness in certain areas.

Why Aerial Photography? Well, I chose to do aerial photography because it is a way to express my love of landscape photography with a different view. This is my passion because I love taking photos shat show the world and all the nature from a sky view, like this one from Jacob

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