The Partisans

The partisans was a group of resistance fighters back in WW2. They weren't trained soldiers. They were every day people who decided to take up arms against Adolf Hitler and his allies. Most of the group worked in Nazi-Europe. Some of the fighters were Jews who escaped the Jewish Ghetto, or were freed from a Concentration Camps.

They specialized in Guerrilla Warfare. They also liked to sabotage. The many small groups by themselves killed around 3,000 German soldiers. They kept many contacts inside Ghettos and other Camps. Eventually they joined forces with the soviets to help them defeat the Nazi forces. At first they weren't accepted. Then the soviets realized the common enemy and the worked together.

The Partisans had a really tough time getting food, ammo, and just simple shelter. They usually lived in underground dugouts called zemlyanko, or camps and forest. They usually fought and worked on empty stomachs. This was because anyone who was suspected of helping them were sent to camps. But on the rarest of occasions soviets would drop supplies to groups known to be friendly.

In France the Jewish Army, (a French Jewish partisan group) was founded in Toulouse in 1942. Made up of members of youth movements, the Jewish Army worked in and around Toulouse, Lyon, and Paris. They brought money from Switzerland into France to help Jews in hiding. They smuggled at least 500 Jews and non-Jews into Spain, and helped with the 1944 uprisings against the Germans in Paris, Lyon, and Toulouse.

In conclusion, The Partisans was a group of brave people. They stood up to a world super power at their own risks. Thats an increadable thing to think about. it would be like all of Albia going up against the U.S.A. Those are the same odds that they faced. yet they still managed to pull through and win.

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