MAIN THEME - Cole Controlling His Anger (Finding Himself)

  • Paragraph 2, Mikaelson Pg. 154 --´´ The Lawyer raised her voice almost to a shout, No more chances! Cole breathed slowly. He felt strong enough to now face whatever happened. He was strong enough to not blame anyone else.´´
  • Paragraph 4, Mikaelson Pg. 191 -- Garvey states, ´´It has only been two days, and you already have your attitude back.´´ -- ´´I am so sorry, I did not mean to do it.´´ -- ´´Do not apologize to us, Garvey said, apologize to yourself, it is your life you are betraying, not ours.´´
  • Paragraph 6, Mikaelson Pg. 180-181, Peter states -- ´´ You do not really care about me, you just want to get off this Island. That is all you want.´´ -- ´´A year ago, that was true, but not anymore.´´ Cole said. -- ´´You have not changed, Peter challenged, you would beat me up again if you had the chance.´´
  • Cole shook his head and stated, ´´I could, but I will not.´´

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