Unemployment Welfare and Drug Impact

Congress needs to realize that the reason unemployment welfare was implemented in the first place is not the same reason it is now.

Drugs can really impact a persons life. People do not see that they not only influence their lives but the people around them.

People do not give up drugs easy. Once you start really using drugs, it is not easy to just give it up. Especially when it is making your everyday life easier. You stop thinking about if you want to do it, and start taking it as a part of your everyday life.

You do not recognize the downward spiral someone can go down once they have started doing drugs. Those people start taking advantage of the system and start not really caring about anything else other than getting that high one more time.

All in all it would benefit the vast majority if unemployment welfare was terminated forcing those people who are struggling with substance abuse to go get help, because if they do not they will not be able to do anything productive with their life and all their money will go straight to their drug habit.


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