Equestrian Sport Show Jumping

Types of Competitions

Grand Pix: the highest level of show jumping. Obstacles heights up to 1.60 meters and spreads of up to 2.0 metres. Grand Prix-level show jumping competitions include the Olympics, the World Equestrian Games, and other series of internationally ranked events.

Six bars: Riders Jump six fences in a straight line. After they jump the first time, the fence goes higher then the one before.


Refusing to jump: 1st 4 faults; 2nd refusing Elimination.

Fall of the horse, the rider, or both: elimination.

If a horse touched a fence knocking it down, 4 faults.

Failure to break the timers starting or finishing would result in elimination.

Courses and Rules

Riders are allowed to walk the initial course but not the jump-off course. (Jump off is when after a clear round you go defeat the first, second,... place with the others and the fastest and clear one wins.)

Technical difficulty also increases with tighter turns and shorter or unusual distances between fences

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