Guatemala Capital: guAtemala

My country is Guatemala. The capital of my country is Guatemala. Guatemala is located south east of Mexico.

Guatemala City is located in the Heart of Guatemala.

The traditional clothing worn in Guatemala is based on the native clothing worn by their Mayan ancestors called traje. The garments vary in style, color and embellishment based on location and language group, but bold shades of red, blue, yellow and pink are found in all Guatemalan clothing.

The tipical every day clothing for women or small girls is a colorful skirt or dress with a top this does not mean that they don't wear shorts or pants this is just what most wear. The small boys wear anything they can get their hands on as seen in the picture.

This a picture of what the men might wear. Pants or Capri like shorts with a shirt and every quatemalan man has to have his hat.

Instead of winter and summer, Guatemala has a dry and rainy season. The rainy season extends from May to October, but has some short dry periods in July and August. The rainy season doesn't mean days of continuous rain the sun still shines for part of the day, often raining in the afternoon. Guatemala, however, rarely experiences heavy tropical storms. The dry period stretches from March to the early part of May when the country may go weeks without rain.

The symbol in the center of the flag is the Guatemalan coat of arms. It includes the resplendent quetzal, the national bird of Guatemala that symbolizes liberty. A parchment scroll bearing the date of Central America's independence from Spain. The crossed rifles mean the willingness to defend itself if needed, a bay laurel crown, the symbol for victory, and the crossed swords represent honor.

Almost all dishes include some form of black beans, white rice and corn tortillas. Breakfast often combines the aforementioned elements with scrambled eggs and fried plantains. Fresh fruit is another common substitute.

The population in Guatemala in 2016 was 15. 47 million people.

A mestizo is a man of mixed race, especially the offspring of a Spaniard and an American Indian. Indigenous people is another word or name for native people. K'iche are people that are descendants from Mayan people that have evolved into their own culture. (images from left to right according to the order in passage)

Kaqchikel people are another descendant from the Mayan culture but have also evolved to form their own culture. The Mam culture is an native to Guatemala. The Q'eqchi people are descendants from many pople as well.

The quetzal is the currency of Guatemala, named after the national bird of Guatemala, the resplendent quetzal. One US dollar is equal to 7. 33198 quetzals.

Guatemalas main product are Coffee, sugar, and bananas. Economic aid‎: ‎$250 million. Exports $9.864 billion. Imports $15.57 billion. Export goods: coffe, sugar, petroleum, apparel, bananas, fruits, and vegetables. The Guatemalan economy is fairly good. But struggles in industrial economics, but strives in agriculture.

Guatemala is a constitutional democratic republic that is divided into 22 departments and governed by a 3-branch system, consisting of the executive, legislative, and judicial.

The current president of Guatemala is Jimmy Morales.

Spanish settlers

The history of Guatemala began with the arrival of Spanish settlers in 1511. Guatemala gained independence from Spain on September 15, 1821. It briefly became part of the Mexican Empire and then for a while belonged to a federation called The United Provinces of Central America, until the federation broke up in civil war in 1838–1840.

Spanish is the official language of Guatemala. Spanish is spoken by 93% of the population. Twenty-one Mayan languages are spoken, especially in rural areas, as well as two non-Mayan Amerindian languages, Xinca, an indigenous language, and Garifuna, an Arawakan language spoken on the Caribbean coast.

Some of the major religions in Guatemala are, Roman Catholic, Protestantism, orthodox Christianity, Latter Day Saints.

This is a picture of a map of Guatemala


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