March Madness at the Troll Pub By Alex Conley

Why watch a couple March Madness games in your living room or basement when you can watch every basketball game in a 180 year old basement with craft beer and bourbon?
The Troll Pub under the Bridge is a restaurant that sits in the basement of Whiskey Row where the original Galt House used to stand. Since the time of the Galt House, from 1834 to 1865 when a fire ravaged the building, the building has seen its share of history
The Gastro-Pub style food and large selection of craft beer, bourbons, and wine will make your decision of what to consume quiet difficult. Menu items are followed by detailed descriptions of what all entails the meal with some of them including witty quips.
The ancient brick walls are complimented by a plethora of TVs with the bar itself being surrounded by 12 televisions.

For March Madness, the Troll Pub is subscribed to many NCAA networks as well as NBA TV, and is offering $1 Miller Lite and Coors Lite during any NCAA and NBA game.

Ben Barker, Manager of Troll Pub

“The three things we try to do here are a quality product at a reasonable price, with fantastic service, and I know that sound like what every restaurant should be doing, but we really mean it. In terms of American sports pubs, we get it right more than 99 percent of the other restaurants that are out there.”
So if you want a great place to experience March Madness, or want to discover a unique Louisville local restaurant, Troll Pub is the ultimate destination for everyone. Grab your friends and family and bring them to cheer on your favorite teams with the Troll Pub family
Created By
Alex Conley


Created with images by Pen Waggener - "Galt House at Nightfall"

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