Voltaire By the electrifying Ivan ocampo

Biographical Sketch

Voltaire was born in November 21 1694. He lived in Paris and also spent some of his time studying in Caen, Normandy to study law. When he left school he decided to become a writer. Producing essays and other written work. Voltaire had trouble with government authorities. This has led to two imprisonments and even a temporary exile from England. Voltaire was even accused of incest with his own daughter. Voltaire has now written many tragic plays and has even made famous historical works that some people still talk about today
Some of his Famous works include the sad tale of Zaire, his historical study on The Age Of Louis XIV, and the novel of Candide. Which I shall show now.

Famous Works of Voltaire

Voltaire's work on Zaire
Voltaire's historical work of The Age of Louis XIV
A book based on Candide, The work of Voltaire

Importance to Society

Voltaire was disgusted and disliked human nature. How he contributed to the enlightenment of the renaissance age is his idea of using rational thought and having knowledge, instead of people relying on superstition and being ignorant. Voltaire was responsible for modern philosophy to go down the path is did. He often defended freedom of speech and religious tolerance just like many other famous people from the renaissance. He hated tyranny and bigotry. Since the renissance was an age of enlightenment, Freedom, Science and such I think he has contributed enough to be an important man in renaissance society.


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