Galileo/Galilei (1564-1642)

Galileo changed our thoughts about space.

Galileo was best known for improving the telescope to look at stars and planets.And he created many things after that, Such as the thermoscope and the microscope.

Inside of it

Galileo saw the new invention from holland called the telescope and thought that I can make it better so, he did.

Galileo's test

One of Galileo's tests were two objects of the same size but different mass that the heavier one would hit the ground first and the lighter one would hit second but they landed at the same time


And when he was done with all his projects he went to jail/prison and before Galileo died he was blind.

Scientests did not experiment back then like we do today but, Galileo did many things that made people angry and that made him the crazy person.

How he influenced me

He influenced me because life would be different because then we would never would have thought that we should look at space and how to look at it.And we never would have known that Jupiter has 4 moons.And of all the things we never would have known that the sun is the center of the world.And one last thing the moon is not smooth.

4 awesome discoveries around jupiter -moons

3 interesting facts

1.before he died he was blind

2.born feb 15 1564

3.died jan 8 1642

Mr. awesome person

I really liked writing about Galileo because he did a lot of good things in the world.I thank you all for listening to me thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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By Vincent J Kozlik

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