How sleeping in class effects education By chase dizon

Students sleeping in class” is a story where Chase Dizon goes out and collects information from students that sleep in class, after he collects data from the students, he turns the info into a infographic that explains what effects sleeping in class can have on students, and puts a web post and that has the information on sleeping students, hopefully being accurate, Chase found out that the average PRHS student sleeps through about at least 1 of their classes every day, Which effects their education, even one student said that he had severe insomnia and could not sleep because of homework then lots of chores to do, “it is very hard for me to fall asleep, no matter how hard I try” says the anonymous student. Chase hopes to find out what causes insomnia for teens of PRHS and ask a few more questions, like “do things on social media bother you at night?”

And “Do you have insomnia because you are depressed?” then “Do your thoughts keep you awake at night because you have so much to worry about?” once chase has collected enough information he will make a inforgraphic again showcasing the information about teens at PRHS Causes of sleep and lacks of sleep and how lacks of sleep effects student’s education by lowering their grade and making them even more depressed and sleepy. However, Dizon did not get enough information so this article is short.

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Chase Dizon

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