Branch Rickey By: Allison Stephens

Branch Rickey

Rickey's life in baseball began as a player for the st. Louis Browns and New York Highlanders,but not long after he became a player he was dropped for the team because he refused to play on Sundays ,so Rickey left the game an enrolled in law school at the university of Michigan, after a few years of law school he went back to baseball coaching. Then after coming back to baseball he designed the farm system of training and it helped his baseball players by getting them ready for the majors leagues.

  • Born- December 20, 1881
  • Died- December 9, 1995
  • Bats- left
  • Positions- catcher, first basemen, and left fielder
  • From- Stockdale,OH
  • He has five daughters and 1 son
Branch Rickey's contribution

Branch Rickey broke the long standing race barrier by signing Jackie Robinson to the Brooklyn Dodgers, but before Jackie Robinson was signed to the Brooklyn Dodgers he played on a all African American baseball team. Another one of his contributions to the team was his signing or George Sisler, a former player for Rickey at Michigan who had been declared a free agent because of irregularities in his initial signing.

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