Thomas Jefferson Present Day Philip Bigelow

If Thomas Jefferson was 2016 I feel that he would be confused at first, but get the hang of it quickly. He would also go back to Monticello and try to fight for his house back and eventually get thrown out by security guards. He wouldn't agree with who we have for president elect and probably be confused that we had a black president because he was so used to slavery and owning slaves.

I think he would be an architect and continue to build building and make inventions, but he would also keep a garden and pursue in his passion of cooking. Down the road a few years he might possibly run for president again, but with how stressing it was the first time he may decide not to run again. He would also be shocked about how we are good friends with Great Britain because America wasn't on good terms with them in his time.

Thomas Jefferson would be happy about the religious freedom we have in America, I don't know what he would think about Isis and the problems in the middle east but he would most likely be happy that it doesn't matter what religion you are (in most places). I feel he would dislike all of the woman's rights protests and fights because back in his time woman weren't even close to having the same rights as men.

Overall I think if Thomas Jefferson was in present day he wouldn't be as big of a factor as he was back in the late 1700s early 1800s. The reason for this is that he literally helped create America, where as in 2016 it is already and so is the declaration.

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