My Spark Experience Learning Spark at Adobe's Headquarters in San Jose, CA

Over the 2-day event, much time was spent inside. But, I did get a chance to enjoy some of the flowers that were blooming.

Flowers around town!
San Pedro Square - I wish I would have been able to see the lights at night.

The city also used light rail for transportation, as well as bikes and scooters!

I even tried Korean food for the first time in my life!

Not the prettiest photo, but this place wasn't too pretty either! I was glad I gave it a try, but I think I prefer a simple dish of steamed rice and vegetables from a 'Chinese' restaurant.
San Jose State University was nearby
A beautiful morning on campus as students start their day.

I wish I had taken some videos while I was out in San Jose. Now I know to do better at that when I want to capture a story and share it online! So instead, I'll include this YouTube video about San Jose's vibrant city life.

So that about wraps it up. This is what a Spark looks like, and it is pretty easy to create.

Here are a few more pictures of the Adobe Headquarters. It is such a beautiful building, no matter what angle!

This Spark story was created by me....and I am not really a very creative person!

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Terry Davidson


Terry A. Davidson

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